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Spider Craft for Preschool!

Check out this super fun Spider Craft for Preschool! This craft is great for getting creative, building fine motor skills, and counting numbers 1-8! Count 8 legs and 8 eyes! Complete this spider craft in October, on Halloween, or if you’re learning about arachnids. Choose between a big paper plate or a small paper plate when it comes to size. The sponge painting technique is great for developing muscle control as well as being a soothing process to express creativity.

Spider Craft for Preschool
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Materials Needed:

paper plates (big or small)

black paint/ purple paint (a touch of glitter)

assorted googly eyes


black construction paper

Spider Craft for Preschoolers!

Step 1: Gather your supplies. On your paper plate, squirt a bit of black paint and purple paint. Grab a cheap sponge from any supply store and cut it into pieces. Next, have your little ones use the sponge to dab the paint around the plate. I added a bit of glitter paint to my craft for extra fun. Sponge painting is a great calming activity that not only allows for creative expression but builds muscle control as well.

Spider Craft Supplies
Spider Craft for Preschool
black and purple sponge painting

Step 2: Cut your black construction paper into 8 strips. Fold each strip back and forth until it looks like a zig zag (this is great for building fine motor skills). Remember, if you are working with very little ones, simply leave the strips flat and glue them to the paper plate. The finished spider will still look fantastic! For additional counting support, I wrote numbers 1-8 on the back of the paper plate and had the little ones place one strip onto each number.

Construction Paper Strips
Construction Paper Zig Zag
8 Spider Legs

Step 3: Glue all 8 legs to the back of the paper plate. Get out your googly eyes and count to 8. Glue 8 eyes onto your spider’s head. For an extra preschool spider activity, use a hole punch and string to hang your spider somewhere that needs a little bit of spider cheer! Before you hang him up, pull him across the floor like a real moving spider!

Black construction paper 8 legs
Spider Googly Eyes
Spider Craft for Preschool

Cute Spider Art!

Of all the spider crafts for preschoolers, this one is by far my favorite! Each child’s spider will be different and crazy in its own way! Embrace the fun and the mess, and focus on the process. Agh, there’s a spider in my window!

We hope you enjoyed this Spider Craft for Preschool. Be sure to check out tons of preschool crafts on the blog that are great for boosting creativity and building fine motor skills. Another great craft for October is the Ghost Craft!

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