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Love Bug Craft for Preschool!

Check out this super cute Love Bug Craft for Preschool! This craft is great for the month of February or as a preschool Valentine’s Day craft. This craft facilitates conversation about the color pink, friendship, and love. Build fine motor skills and boost creativity with Dot Dot markers, scissors, and glue. Print your free love bug cutouts below! Let’s celebrate the season of love!

Love Bug Craft for Preschool!
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Materials Needed:

scissors/glue stick

cardstock paper/glitter/stamps

pink paint/sponge

love bug cutouts (print for free below!)

Love Bug Craft for Pre-K!

Step 1: Print your love bug cutouts onto cardstock paper. Print them in color or in black & white. Use scissors to cut out your pieces. Be sure to check out the Elephant Craft for Kids for another pink themed craft that you can make your own.

love bug craft supplies
love bug cutouts

Step 2: It’s time for sponge painting! Use any sponge you have handy and use it to transfer the pink paint to the paper plate. If you want to keep things clean, try using watercolors to fill in you plate.

sponge painting
pink sponge paint

Step 3: Use a glue stick to paste your love bug cutouts to the paper plate. Now, get creative and make the craft your own! Use glitter, pom poms, stamps, Dot Dot markers, and more! I used small stamps that are love themed, glitter, and a pink Dot Dot marker. Using these materials will build your little ones’ hand strength and coordination skills.

Love Bug Craft for Preschool!, glue stick
small v day stamps
pink dot dot marker

Love Bug Craft for Kids!

Be sure to hang your love bug somewhere that needs a bit of extra love! Use this craft to build a conversation around the theme of friendship and love. Who are we happy to have in our lives? What does it mean to be a good friend? How can you show someone you love them?

Love Bug Craft for Preschool!

Click below to print your free love bug craft cutouts!

We hope you enjoyed this Love Bug Craft for Preschool! Be sure to check out our entire library of Pre-K Crafts for tons of crafting fun!

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