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Cute Valentine’s Day Craft for Preschool!

Come discover this Cute Valentine’s Day Craft for Preschool! I decided to create something unique and fun this year. Have you ever hear of a Valentine’s Day raccoon? Well, now you have! Print your cutouts for free and get creative with pink markers, crayons, and tissue paper! Get crafting and talk about the word “love”. Who do you love? How can we show our friends and family that we love them?

Cute Valentine's Day Craft for Preschool! Raccoon Craft
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Materials Needed:

paper plate / cardstock paper / pink tissue paper

scissors / glue stick / pink markers & crayons

free printable cutouts (see below!)

Valentine’s Day Craft for Preschool

Step 1: Gather your supplies! Print your raccoon cutouts onto cardstock paper. You can print the cutouts in color or in black & white. If you chose black & white, use markers and crayons to color in your pieces. Next, grab your tissue paper squares and glue them to your paper plate.

raccoon craft pieces
pink tissue paper squares

Step 2: Use scissors to cut out your raccoon pieces. If tissue paper squares are too tricky for your little ones, a great way to fill in your paper plate is with watercolors! Uncoated paper plates work the best.

paper plate pink tissue paper squares
raccoon paper plate cutouts

Step 3: Glue your raccoon cutouts onto your paper plate! Don’t forget the “Be Mine” heart. I added a little smile on my raccoon with a sharpie when I finished my gluing.

Raccoon Eyes on paper plate
Be Mine Heart

Raccoon Valentine’s Day Craft

That’s it! Your super cute Valentine’s Day craft for preschool is complete! Be sure to hang your pink raccoon somewhere that needs a bit of valentine cheer! Be sure to talk about Valentine’s Day when completing your craft. Who do you love? Who loves you? How can we show others that we care about them?

Valentine's Day Craft for Preschool, Raccoon Craft

Get Ready for the Party!

Check out some super cute valentines to give out at the party! The “We were built to be friends” valentines are great for the whole class! I also love the “Scratch Me!” valentines where you can write your own message and have your friends scratch it off with a penny!

Valentine’s Day Books

Check out some fun reads for Valentine’s Day! Reading with your little ones is a great way to build a social bond, discover potential interests, and boost vocabulary skills! Read How to Catch a Loveosaurus, The Day it Rained Hearts, and Love Monster. These books are great for the whole month of February!

"How to Catch a Loveosaurus"
"The Day it Rained Hearts"
"Love Monster"

Click below to print your Free Raccoon Valentine Craft Cutouts!

We hope your enjoyed this Cute Valentine’s Day Craft for Preschool! Be sure to head to our Printable Craft Library for tons of great crafts that will boost creativity and build fine motor skills!

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