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FREE Pirate Worksheets for Preschool!

Check out this awesome 10-pack of FREE Pirate Worksheets for Preschool! Download all 10 worksheets for free! The pack includes a pirate tracing sheet, pirate puzzle, pirate cut and paste sheets, plus fun with shapes, colors, and numbers! This pirate theme pack is great when you want to do something extra special and fun in the classroom. Learn vocabulary words like: pirate, treasure chest, compass, parrot, pirate ship, and telescope. So, what are you waiting for? “Yo-ho, Mateys! Let’s discover some hidden treasure!”

FREE Pirate Worksheets for Preschool
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FREE Pirate Worksheets for Preschool!

First, get started with a “Shiver me Timbers!” coloring sheet! Be sure to talk about each picture while coloring. The vocabulary words are: compass, pirate, parrot, treasure chest, and pirate ship. Next, have fun with the pirate eye spy worksheet. Have your little ones circle each pirate, or to build pincher strength get some pirate stickers and have them place one sticker on each pirate! This next worksheet is great for matching numbers! Discover a hidden treasure map as each piece is glued to its matching partner!

Pirate Coloring Sheet
Pirate Eye Spy
Pirate Puzzle

“Shiver me Timbers!”

Next, have some fun with pirate themed shapes and colors! First, identify the difference between rectangles and triangles in the “Pirate Flags!” worksheet. Color each triangle red and each rectangle blue. Then, sort out your treasure chest gems! Sort colors red, yellow, and purple into their matching columns. Sticky gems are a great thing to add when it comes to coloring sheets/eye spy and building additional pincher strength.

Pirate Shape Discovery
Pirate Color Sorting

Pirate Printables!

The Cut and Paste Pirate Worksheet it great for building fine motor skills. Have your little ones cut out the numbers 1-5 and glue them next to the same number of objects. Be sure to practice saying the names of the pictures out loud. The Finish the Pattern Worksheet is great for learning sequencing and builds the blocks to higher math learning.

Pirate Number Worksheet
Pirate Pattern Worksheet

“Yo-ho-yo-ho a pirate’s life for me!”

Have fun with the “P is for Pirate” Tracing Sheet. Repetitive tracing is great for building hand strength and muscle memory. You can never have too many pirate coloring sheets, so have fun with one more! Don’t forget to use your stickers and gems! And, finally, have fun with Dot Dot markers to fill in the X Marks the Spot Dot Dot sheet!

Pirate Tracing Sheet
Free Pirate Worksheets for Preschool
X Marks the Spot Dot Dot Sheet

Click below to download your FREE Pirate Worksheets for Preschool!

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