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Printable Pirate Craft for Kids!

Check out this exciting printable Pirate Craft for Kids! Print out the pirate cutouts onto cardstock paper and glue them onto a small paper plate. Make the craft your own with touches of watercolor, markers, and crayons. This craft is great practice for cutting with scissors. Some of the shapes are challenging to cut, so it will be a great activity for advanced pre-k. Remember, you can always pre-cut the pieces before the activity depending on the skills of your little ones. Check it out!

Pirate Craft for Kids
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Materials Needed:

Free Pirate Craft Cutouts (download below)

small 6 in paper plate



cardstock paper

Pirate Craft for Kids!

Step 1: Gather your materials! Print out the pirate craft cutouts onto cardstock paper. Regular computer paper is too thin! Next, use scissors to cut out the pieces. Some of the shapes are for advanced cutters. Be sure to pre-cut any pieces depending on your little ones skills. Then, use watercolors to fill in your paper plate.

pirate craft materials
pirate craft cutouts
watercolors on paper plate

Step 2: Once your paper plate and pirate nose are filled in, use a glue stick to paste the pirate pieces to the small paper plate. Glue the hook hand to the backside of the paper plate, so it sticks out a little bit.

pirate nose colored in
pirate craft cutouts

Step 3: Add your own pirate flourishes with crayons or markers. Add hair and some rosy cheeks. Color in the skull and crossbones too, even a string for the eye patch. Be sure to ask your little ones questions while completing the craft. Where do pirates live? What is it pirates are searching for? What is your favorite pirate saying?

rosy cheeks for a pirate
black hair with crayons

Paper Plate Pirate Activity!

Hang your pirate somewhere that needs a bit of pirate cheer! Don’t forget some common pirate sayings like: “Shiver me timers!”, “Ahoy me Hearties!”, and “Walk the plank!”

Pirate Craft

Click below to download your FREE Pirate Craft Cutouts!

We hope you enjoyed this Pirate Craft! Be sure to check out our entire library of Pre-K Crafts. Create your own Rocket Ship Craft for more adventurous fun!

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