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FREE Letter K Worksheets for Preschool

Print your Free Letter K Worksheets for Preschool! These worksheets aim to build fine motor skills while boosting creativity! Learn new words that begin with the letter K like kite, king, kangaroo, kettle, and key! Get creative by using markers, crayons, and watercolors for filling in the pictures. Finish off the lesson with something fun. Watch a video of a kangaroo in its natural habitat, or go outside and learn to fly a kite!

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FREE Letter K Tracing Sheets

First, check out these two great Letter K tracing Sheets for preschool. Repetitive tracing is great for building muscle memory and hand strength. Trace the uppercase and lowercase letter K’s then color in the pictures for extra fun! Remember to talk about the letter K while completing the sheets. Which is your favorite letter K picture? Next, cut & paste in the Letter K Sorting Sheet. Cut out the letters at the bottom of the page and glue each one into its matching column. Be sure to print Beginning Sounds Worksheets to build letter sound recognition for all letters of the alphabet.

Letter K Tracing Sheet
Letter K Tracing Sheet
Letter K Sorting Sheet

Printable Letter K Activities

Next, check out three great letter K activities for preschoolers. First, have fun using watercolors to fill in the Letter K Template! Use the color of the week, or have fun mixing colors together. The Letter K Dot Dot Sheet is great for using Dot Dot markers. Add an extra challenge to the activity by using stickers. This is a great way to build pincher strength. Have your little ones peel and stick one sticker into each dot. Finally, get creative with two Letter K Coloring Sheets. Color in a key, kite, kangaroo, kettle, and king!

Letter K Dot Dot Page, Free Letter K Worksheets
Letter K Coloring Page, Free Letter K Worksheets
Kangaroo Coloring Page, Free Letter K Worksheets
Letter K Template, Free Letter K Worksheets

Letter K Handprint & Letter K Puzzle

The Alphabet Handprint Book can be a great end of the year gift for your little ones and their parents. Take a look at “K is for Kite”. Use pink paint for the handprints, yellow construction paper for the ties, and a blue sharpie for the string. Be sure to use Washable Kwik Stix to add some colorful flourishes for fun. Next, match colors and put together your Letter K Puzzle. Cut out the pieces on the right side of the page, then paste each piece to its same circle of color. What letter do you see?

Letter K Puzzle

10 Simple Letter K Words for Preschool

kangaroo, kite, kettle, king, key, kitten, kitchen, ketchup, koala, kiwi

Letter K Books for Preschool

Get reading some awesome letter K books for preschool! Read “Kite Day” and “The Koala Who Could”. Be sure to check out the Free Letter L Worksheets for Preschool. For more fun and learning Browse all 26 letters!

Kite Day
The Koala Who Coud

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