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Top 10 Gifts for Teacher Appreciation Week!

Check out the Top 10 Gifts for Teacher Appreciation Week! When it comes to saying, “Thank you!” to all of the hard-working teachers out there, be sure to get your special teacher something they are sure to appreciate and actually use! Remember, teacher appreciation happens year round! See the list below to check out the best gifts for teachers!

Top 10 Gifts for Teacher Appreciation Week
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Top 10 Gifts for Teacher Appreciation Week, tote bag!

No. 1 Pick: The Perfect Teacher Tote!

This tote bag is a perfect gift to let your teacher know how much they inspire you! With repeating shapes of apples, pencils, books, and coffee cups, this gift is great for your teacher to carry their things into the classroom.

Top 10 Teacher Appreciation Gifts!

Remember, Teacher Appreciation happens year-round. Teachers can never hear it enough. This post contains affiliate links to Etsy. When you buy a gift from this list, you are supporting a small business and buying something truly unique for your teacher. Take a look at our top 10 teacher gifts!

Personalized Teacher Tumbler

We all know a teacher who loves hydration or caffeination! Get your awesome teacher a customized tumbler!

Top 10 Gifts for Teacher Appreciation Week, teacher tumbler!

Personalized Teacher Theme Coaster

These teacher theme coasters are beyond cute! Customize your coaster with your teacher’s name.

Top 10 Gifts for Teacher Appreciation Week, custom coasters!

“It Takes a Big Heart” T-Shirt

Make sure your teacher is stylish and comfortable in this super cute t-shirt! “It takes a big heart to shape little minds.”

Top 10 Gifts for Teacher Appreciation Week, t-shirt!

Personalized Pencil Holder

Make sure your teacher’s desk is nice and neat with this customizable pencil holder!

Top 10 Gifts for Teacher Appreciation Week, pencil holder!

“Thank You For Helping Me Grow” Succulent

Give your teacher their own little plant with a beautiful gesture saying, “Thank you for helping me grow.”

help me grow succulent

Customizable Leather Bag

Teachers always have little things they need to keep safe. Give you teacher a customizable leather bag for it all.

customizable leather bag

The Perfect Teacher Tote Bag

Carry books, papers, and supplies in this super cute Teacher Tote Bag with apples, books, pencils, and coffee!

teacher tote bag

Iced Coffee Cup with Sweets

We all know a teacher with a sweet tooth. Check out this super cute iced coffee cup with “nutrition facts” and candy!

iced coffee cup for your teacher

Customizable Teacher Pen

Get your teacher a sparkly pen that reminds her of how much you care, plus helps her write reminders.

teacher pen

Customizable Teacher Bookmark

Teachers have tons of books! Customize your teacher a beautiful bookmark saying, “Thank you for being part of my story.”

We hope you enjoyed these Top 10 Gifts for Teacher Appreciation Week! Be sure to check out our Top 10 Gifts for Preschool Graduation!

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