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Sense of Smell Worksheets for Preschool

Check out these awesome Sense of Smell Worksheets for Preschool! These worksheets are great for building fine motor skills, learning new vocabulary words, and boosting creativity! Practice cutting and pasting, tracing, and even get outside for a fun listening activity. You’ll have tons of fun learning about the 5 senses with these preschool printables. Get thinking about what things smell sweet vs. stinky. What are your favorite smells? Print your free worksheets to learn about the exciting sense of smell!

Sense of Smell Worksheets
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Free Sense of Smell Worksheets

First, get started with the activity pack by coloring in the Sense of Smell Coloring Sheet. Color each picture and say its name out loud. Color in a trash can, flower, perfume, soap, and raccoon. Next, build pre-writing skills in the Sense of Smell Tracing Sheet. Repetitive tracing builds muscle memory and hand strength. Be sure to say the sentences out loud. What is your favorite smell? Head to the Sense of Sound to learn about another exciting sense!

Sense of Smell Coloring Page
Sense of Smell Nose Coloring Page

Sweet vs. Stinky

My favorite worksheets is are coming next! Have fun with two Sense of Smell Sorting Sheets. Have your little ones cut and paste each object into its correct column in 5 Senses: Sweet vs. Stinky. The sweet items are “flower”, “cookies”, “perfume”, and “soap”. The stinky items are “onions”, “trash”, “raccoon”, and “socks”. Next, have fun with Smell vs. Sound. Get thinking about the differences between smelling and hearing. The best way to learn about the sense of smell is to get outside and use your nose!

Sweet vs. Stinky Sorting Sheet
Sense of Smell Sorting Sheet

Sense of Smell Activities

Next, build hand strength through tracing in the Sense of Smell Tracing Sheet. Trace each word and say the sentence aloud. Be sure to color in the additional pictures. Finally, match your numbers in the Sense of Smell Puzzle. Spoiler Alert! It’s a skunk!

Sense of Smell Tracing Sheet
Skunk Puzzle

Sense of Smell Theme for Preschool

Be sure to use your nose when engaging with these Sense of Smell Worksheets. A fun way to explore this sense is to head to the candle store. It can be fun to smell all the different scents. A fun thing to do with your little ones is to have three candles each with a different scent. Have each child try to guess the scent of each candle. Who guessed correctly?

You can do this same activity with the spices in your pantry. Grab cinnamon, mint, basil, garlic, coffee grounds, lemon juice, whatever you have handy. Experience the different smells!

Another great smell activity is to simply head outdoors! What do you smell along the walk? How do flowers smell? How do animals smell? What smells good vs. what smells bad? Take a few minutes to enjoy the scents of nature.

Also, you can never go wrong with some scratch and sniff stickers!

Sense of Smell Books for Preschool

Now, get reading with some great sense of smell books for preschool! Read “Stop and Smell the Cookies” and “Something Smells!” Be sure to talk about some of your favorite smells. Do you like the smell of cookies, popcorn, or chicken noodle soup? Reding with your little ones builds vocabulary, social connection, and potential interests!

"Stop and Smell the Cookies!"
"Something Smells!"

Click below to print your Free Sense of Smell Worksheets for Preschool!

We hope you enjoyed these Sense of Smell Worksheets for Preschool! Be sure to check out All 5 Senses for more fun! Head to the Preschool Printable Library for hours of endless fun!

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