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Sense of Sound Worksheets for Preschool

Check out these awesome Sense of Sound Worksheets for Preschool! This activity pack is great for building fine motor skills, learning new vocabulary words, and boosting creativity! Practice cutting and pasting, tracing, and even get outside for a fun listening activity. You’ll have tons of fun learning about the 5 senses with these preschool printables. Get thinking about what things are loud and what things are quiet. What are your favorite sounds? Download your free worksheets to learn about the exciting sense of hearing!

Free Sense of Sound Worksheets

First, get started with the activity pack by coloring in the Sense of Sound Coloring Sheet. Color each picture and say its name out loud. Color in a puppy dog, trumpet, alarm clock, ambulance, and stereo. Next, build pre-writing skills in the Sense of Sound Tracing Sheet. Repetitive tracing builds muscle memory and hand strength. Be sure to say the sentences out loud. How many ears do we have?

Sense of Sound Coloring Sheet
Sense of Sound Tracing Sheet

LOUD vs. quiet…

Next, have fun with numbers 1-5 in the Sense of Sound Puzzle. Match each number to its partner and discover the sound that will emerge from the puzzle! My favorite worksheet is coming next, The 5 Senses: Loud vs. Quiet. Have your little ones cut and paste each object into its correct column. The loud items are “trumpet”, “stereo”, “ambulance”, and “alarm clock”. The quiet items are “candle”, “gold fish”, “rabbit”, and “butterfly”. Finally, have fun with a listening scavenger hunt. Put a check next to each thing you hear! Use this worksheet as a jumping off point to talk about all the sounds you hear inside and outside.

Sense of Sound Puzzle
Loud vs. Quiet Sorting
Listening Scavenger Hunt

Click below to download your FREE Sense of Sound Worksheets for Preschool!

We hope you enjoyed these Sense of Sound Worksheets for Preschool. Head to the Sense of Touch to learn about another exciting sense! Be sure to check out All 5 Senses for more fun!

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