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FREE Same and Different Worksheets for Preschool

Print your Free Same and Different Worksheets for Preschool! Color the picture in each row that is different. Use markers or crayons to complete each worksheet. Learning to identify objects that are different from the group will help your little ones with discrimination skills and categorization skills. When your little ones can discern the differences in pictures, it will help them identify and write similar shaped letters like d, b, and p. Print your worksheets for free below.

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Same and Different Worksheets

Building visual discrimination skills is great for learning to see the differences in shapes, letters, and numbers. These printables are great for sitting down with your little ones and naming each picture. As you name the pictures, talk about the one that is different. What makes it different? Be sure to check out Pattern Worksheets for Preschool to continue practicing discrimination skills.

Same or Different? Worksheet 1
Same or Different? Worksheet 2
Same or Different? Worksheet 3
Same or Different? Worksheet 4

Same and Different Activities for Preschool

Each row has a different theme such as food, clothing, animals, camping, nature, etc. Be sure to complete these worksheets with your little ones in a small group or one-on-one. This is a great time to get a conversation going about the pictures in each row. What does each picture look like, sound like, or feel like? Which is your favorite picture on each page?

Free Same and Different Worksheets #5
Free Same and Different Worksheets #6
Free Same and Different Worksheets #7
Free Same and Different Worksheets #8

Worksheet Supplies!

Get your supplies! Grab Confetti Crayons and Glitter Markers to make your coloring pages extra fun! Don’t forget that Kwik Stix are great to use when getting creative with these coloring sheets. Other great materials include markers, crayons, and watercolors.

Confetti Crayons
Metallic Markers
Paint Sticks

Same and Different Books for Preschool

When it comes to learning about things that are the same and different, why not pick up a good book? Check out two books where you can see physical differences in pictures and also differences in temperature, age, interests, and size. Read “Different? Same!” and “The Same but Different Too”.

"Different? Same!"
"The Same But Different Too"

Same and Different Activities for Pre-K

Matching Games are a great way to build your little ones’ discrimination skills. Start with all cards face down and flip upwards two cards at a time. Are they a match? Great job, take another turn.

Check out 7 Sorting Activities for Pre-K that are sure to get your little ones thinking! My favorite idea is creating a cereal bracelet. This activity involves sorting and patterns. Fruit Loops and pip cleaners work great for this! Sort by color and create a fun pattern bracelet.

Another super fun way to work with same and different is to do some Nature Sorting. Get outside and sort leaves, pinecones, acorns, sticks, stones, and more! Sort your items into different baskets and see what looks the same and what looks different.

Click below to print your Free Same and Different Worksheets for Preschool!

We hope you enjoyed these Free Same and Different Worksheets for Preschool. Head to our entire Preschool Printable Library for tons of fun and learning!

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