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Free Printable Cutting Worksheets for Preschoolers

Check out these great Free Printable Cutting Worksheets for Preschoolers! Building hand and finger strength is an important part of scissor skills. If you’re looking for a fun and educational activity for your preschooler, cutting worksheets are a great option. These worksheets can help improve your child’s scissor skills while also providing a fun and engaging activity. Here are some cutting worksheets that are perfect for preschoolers.

Free Cutting Worksheets for Preschool

Fun and Creative Cutting Activities for Preschoolers

Each Cutting Practice Worksheet has a theme. Print out an animal theme cutting worksheet, transportation theme cutting worksheet, food theme cutting worksheet, and universe theme cutting worksheet. Strengthening the fingers and small muscles in the hands will help your little ones grasp a pencil, tie their shoes, and open a bag of chips. Cutting worksheets are a great way to improve your preschooler’s scissor skills while also providing a fun and creative activity. These worksheets include cutting out shapes and following lines.

Cutting Worksheets for Preschool
Cutting Worksheets for Preschool
Cutting Worksheets for Preschool
Cutting Worksheets for Preschool

Cutting Worksheets

Next, have fun with Shape Cutting Worksheets. Practice cutting smooth edges and sharp corners. This is a great chance to talk about colors and shape names. Make this into an entire activity where you paste your shapes onto a piece of construction paper, or simply cut out one shape per day as a simple exercise. Print your Circle Cutting Sheet, Star Cutting Sheet, Oval Cutting Sheet, and Triangle Cutting Sheet.

Circle Cutting Sheet
Start Cutting Sheet
Oval Cutting Sheet
Triangle Cutting Sheet

Scissor Skills for Preschool

Print two more worksheets that have your little ones cut from bottom to top. Have fun with a food theme and a nature theme. Be sure to check out 5 Awesome Activities to Build Fine Motor Skills! Not only do these activities help with fine motor skills, but they also encourage creativity and imagination. Looking for more cut & paste activities that build the muscles of the hands and fingers? Print 10 Exciting Puzzles for Preschool and Cut & Paste Days of the Week Worksheets.

Cutting Worksheets for Preschool
Cutting Worksheets for Preschool

Why are scissor skills important for preschool?

Using scissors is so much more than just crafting. When preschoolers use scissors they are working both sides of the hand at the same time, which is great for building hand strength. Engaging with cut & paste activities builds hand-eye coordination and improves attention to tasks. Bilateral coordination is an essential skill that will translate to your child using a knife and fork, catching a ball, and trying their shoes. Mastering scissor skills will put your child one step ahead of the rest!

little girl cutting paper with pink scissors

Cutting Practice for Preschool

Be sure to check out these additional resources for building scissor skills and hand strength. Once you’ve completed your free printable worksheets, grab a couple workbooks to keep the practice going. Check out “Cut & Paste Workbook for Kids” and “Scissor Skills Dinosaur”. Building hand strength will push your little ones toward tying their shoes, pouring a glass of milk, and brushing their hair all by themselves.

Click below to print your Free Cutting Worksheets for Preschool!

We hope you enjoyed these Free Printable Cutting Worksheets for Preschool. Be sure to check out Sensory Play Activities to continue building fine motor skills!

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