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Free Printable Puzzles for Preschool!

Have fun with these Free Printable Puzzles for Preschool! Build fine motor skills through cut & paste puzzle pieces. Each puzzle comes with four puzzle pieces and a question that needs to be answered! Match each piece to its same number. Build skills like color identification, shape matching, and memory skills with these fun printable puzzles! Print all 10 puzzles below.

Free Printable Puzzles for Preschool
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Printable Puzzles for Preschool!

Check out some awesome printable puzzles matching numbers 1-4. Cut out the pieces on the right side of the page and glue each puzzle piece to its matching number. Working with scissors and a glue stick is a great way to strengthen the small muscles in the hands and fingers. Each puzzle comes with a question that needs an answer discovered! The first three puzzles in the pack are: a sloth puzzle, a Hollydog puzzle, and a robot puzzle.

Sloth Puzzle for Preschool
Hollydog Puzzle for Preschool
Robot Puzzle for Preschool

Preschool Puzzles!

I love these printable puzzles because they work great as an activity to welcome your little ones into the classroom. Give each child a different puzzle for extra fun! Be sure to print your puzzles onto cardstock paper. It will serve as the perfect base for cutting and pasting. Print a popsicle puzzle, xylophone puzzle, and grapes puzzle. Print your 10-pack of Eye Spy Printables to build discrimination skills and engage with another fun activity.

Popsicle Puzzle for Preschool
Xylophone Puzzle for Preschool
Grape Puzzle for Preschool

What do puzzles teach preschoolers?

Puzzles are a great way to get your little ones thinking about color and shape identification and awareness. Engaging with puzzles gives them the chance to test ideas. By turning or flipping each puzzle piece, your little ones get the chance to match colors, test memory skills, and connect shapes. Not to mention, cut & paste activities are great for building the small muscles in the hands and fingers.

Preschoolers putting together a space puzzle

Build Fine Motor Skills

Match your numbers in a Balloon Puzzle and a Fish Puzzle. Answer the questions, “What do you see up in the sky?” and “Who do you see swimming in the sea?”. Use these puzzles as a jumping off point for a conversation to build vocabulary skills. What modes of transportation take place in the sky? Name some animals that live in the ocean.

Balloon Puzzle for Preschool
Fish Puzzle for Preschool

Printable Puzzles for Kids

Be sure to grab the essentials for completing your puzzles. All you need is scissors, a glue stick, and cardstock paper. Write your name and date at the bottom of the page. Take a look at two of our puzzles put together below!

Monster Puzzle for Preschool
Backpack Puzzle for Preschool

Puzzle Picture Books for Preschool

A great way to celebrate problem solving is by picking up a good book! Reading with your little ones is a great way to build vocabulary, build a social connection, and discover potential interests! Read “Where Oliver Fits” and “The Puzzle People”.

"Where Oliver Fits"
"The Puzzle People"

Click below to print your Free Printable Puzzles for Preschool!

We hope you enjoyed these Free Printable Puzzles for Preschool! Be sure to check out tons of great Worksheets by Theme. Head to the entire Preschool Printable Library for tons of fun and learning!

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