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Alligator Craft for Preschool! (with free template!)

Check out this awesome Alligator Craft for Preschool! Download this free template and get creative by making your very own green alligator! This craft is great for building pincher strength! Use watercolors, stick stickers, and glue googly eyes! This craft is great when learning about animals or when engaging with a zoo theme! Check out this exciting craft below!

Alligator Craft for Preschool!
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Materials Needed:



green circle stickers

googly eyes/black sharpie

Alligator Craft Template (download below!)

Preschool Alligator Craft!

Step 1: Gather all of your materials! Be sure to print out your alligator template on thick cardstock paper. Regular paper will be too thin for the craft. Get out your watercolor set and paint your alligator green!

Alligator Craft Supplies
Green Watercolor for Alligator
Green Watercolor Finished

Alligator Fun Facts!

Take a few minutes to let your alligator dry. In the meantime, let’s learn some alligator facts!

Alligators can weight over 1000 pounds!

Alligators are excellent and fast swimmers.

Alligators have thick and scaly skin.

Step 2: Peel and sticker one green circle sticker onto each dotted circle. This craft is great for building pincher strength and counting to 7! Pom poms can also be used to glue inside the dotted circles.. Use glue to stick your googly eyes onto you alligator. I decided to be creative with pink googly eyes!

Green Circle Sticker for Alligator
Alligator Googly Eyes!

Step 3: Add your alligator’s nose with a black sharpie. Hang your alligator somewhere that needs a bit of reptile cheer! Cut out your alligator if you like, or leave the paper as is. Glue your cut out alligator onto a sheet of construction paper to hang on the wall.

Alligator Craft for Preschool
Alligator Craft for Preschool

Click below to download your Free Alligator Craft Template!

We hope you enjoyed this Alligator Craft for Preschool! Be sure to check out our entire Preschool Craft Library. Does your little one love animals? Be sure to check out the Spider Craft for Preschool for even more animal fun!

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