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Top 10 Preschool Graduation Gifts!

Check out my list of Top 10 Preschool Graduation Gifts! Graduating Preschool is a big deal! Your little ones have learned how to share their toys, how to speak new words, and how to get creative with crafts. When it comes to the big day, give them something that will further their love of learning and let them know how special they are to you and your family. Check out these awesome graduation gift ideas for preschoolers below!

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Number 1 Pick!

This personalized library bag is a great way to celebrate your little one’s big milestone. Fill this bag with books and you’ve got a winning preschool graduation gift!

The Top 10 Gifts for your Preschool Graduate!

Customizable Pre-K Graduation Mug!

Celebrate your little one’s achievement with their very own customizable graduation mug! Select your special name and appearance. There’s no more time for sippie cups, we’re in the big leagues now!

Preschool Graduation Mugs

Personalized Rainbow Crayons!

What better way to congratulate your little one than with their own personalized rainbow crayon set? Encourage their artistic side with all the colors of the rainbow! These crayons are handmade and come in a super cute gift box!

Preschool Graduation Crayons

Preschool Graduation Bear!

Of course, the traditional graduation bear had to make the list! Customize your own bear with your graduation year! Your little one will enjoy their snuggly graduation bear all summer long!

Preschool Graduation Bear

Personalized Library Bag!

Encourage your little one’s love of learning with their own customizable library bag! Select your name and color! After graduation, they can head straight to the library to pick up some new reads!

Preschool Library Bag

“Oh, the Places You’ll Go!”

Need a book to put in your library bag? “Oh, the Places You’ll Go!” by Dr. Seuss is a great preschool graduation book! Get excited about the bright future ahead with this wonderful picture book!

Oh, the Places You'll Go Preschool Picture Book

Themed Kingergarten Backpack!

What better way to get excited about the big step into kindergarten than opening up a brand-new themed backpack? Pick out your little one’s favorite interest like pirates, balloons, dinosaurs, and more!

Themed Kindergarten Backpack

Preschool Grad Girl’s T-Shirt!

The Preschool Grad Girl’s T-Shirt is a great way for your little one to show off her amazing achievement! Customize your own size and color!

Preschool Grad Girl's T-Shirt

Preschool Grad Boy’s T-Shirt!

The “Pre-K was a Walk in the Park” t-shirt for boys is a great gift for your little one to show off his awesome milestone! Celebrate the day with a dinosaur theme! Customize it with your favorite color!

Preschool Grad Boy's T-Shirt

Preschool Graduation Puzzle!

Check out this awesome preschool graduation puzzle that not only commemorates the day, but gives your little ones a fun activity to build fine motor skills. Customize your little one’s face and hair.

Preschool Graduate Puzzle

Wooden Bowling Set!

Customize your colors and name in this wooden bowling set! Celebrate your little one’s big day with a game of bowling! Get some exercise and have some fun!

Wooden Bowling set for Preschool Graduation

Free Preschool Graduation Matching Game!

For Your Grad!

We hope you enjoyed these Top 10 Preschool Graduation Gifts! Don’t forget to download your FREE Preschool Graduation matching game! Put it as a favor in a goodie bag!

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