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The Best Contact Paper Craft Templates for Preschool!

Check out The Best Contact Paper Craft Templates for Preschool! Have you steered clear of contact paper crafts because there’s way too much cutting and prep work? I get it! I decided to make some super simple templates that are all symmetrical. Fold the paper in half, and cut the center shape out. Cover your template with contact paper, and you’re all ready to go! Print 10 free templates below!

The Best Contact Paper Craft Templates for Preschool! Suncatchers!

10 Templates for Contact Paper Art!

I used the Recollections Cardstock Paper Precious Metals Pack for my printing paper! If you use traditional cardstock paper, the sunlight will shine through the paper and the tissue paper, so it works best to use the extra thick Recollections brand, so that only your tissue paper shines through! Take a look at 10 different templates!

star suncatcher template
Star Template
teddy bear suncatcher template
Teddy Bear Template
flower suncatcher template
Flower Template
heart suncatcher template
Heart Template

Being creative in the summer is one of the best things about the season! Be sure to check out the Popsicle Craft to keep the crafting going! And, if you love shapes and streamers, then check out the Rocket Ship Craft.

popsicle suncatcher template
Popsicle Template
dog bone suncatcher template
Dog Bone Template
butterfly suncatcher template
Butterfly Template
apple suncatcher template
Apple Template
cross suncatcher template
Cross Template
kite suncatcher template
Kite Template

Get Started Creating!

Materials Needed: Recollections Cardstock Paper, scissors, tissue paper squares, contact paper

Step 1: First, print your template onto Recollections cardstock paper. Next, fold your paper in half and cut out the center. Each shape it perfectly symmetrical, so all you have to do is fold and cut.

suncatcher supplies
template folded in half

Step 2: Next, place your template face down onto a sheet of cardstock paper. Then, grab your tissue paper squares and stick them into the cutout area. Once completed, take another piece of contact paper and seal up the back. Cut around the edges to make it nice and clean cut.

template inside cut out
tissue paper square on contact paper

Step 3: Show off your beautiful suncatchers! Hang your suncatchers outside or in the window! See how beautiful the colors are when they catch the light!

flower template with tissue paper squares
flower suncatcher in the sun!
teddy bear suncatcher in the sun!
butterfly suncatcher in the sun!

How YOU Can Transform Your Neighborhood!

Check out two books that will inspire your sun catcher creativity! Read Maybe Something Beautiful and Hey, Wall. These books go great with your suncatcher craft and will get you thinking about where you want to hang your beautiful suncatchers!

Click below to print your contact paper art templates!

We hope you enjoyed The Best Contact Paper Craft Templates for Preschool! Be sure to check out our great Summer Crafts for more crafting fun! Head to our entire Printable Craft Library to build on your creative energy!

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