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Puffy Painting Process Art to Boost Creativity!

Ok friends, if you haven’t tried puffy painting yet, then this post is for you! Puffy Painting is a great process art that boosts creativity and fine motor skills. My mom and I had so much fun puffy painting that we ended up making a second batch and mixing our colors together for even more awesomeness! This is a super easy recipe, you probably already have most of the materials, and your little ones will have so much fun creating! Let’s do this!

Puffy Painting Process Art for Pre-K

Materials Needed:

1 cup shaving cream

1 cup Elmer’s glue

food coloring

popsicle sticks for mixing

squeeze bottles

paint brushes

plastic cups for mixing

Step 1: Mix together 1 cup of Elmer’s glue with 1 cup of shaving cream. Shaving cream is super puffy, so fill the cup well above the rim. If you are doing this activity with more than two little ones, then we suggest doubling the recipe.

Step 2: Split your mixture into three plastic cups. Add food coloring to each cup and mix together with your popsicle stick. Experiment with how many drops of food coloring you want to use. We did roughly 8 drops per color, but the blue needed a few more.

Puffy Painting Process Art

Step 3: Ok, now we have a few tips for you! The most fun way to do this is with the squeeze bottles. We tried both ways, and agreed that the squeeze bottles made our artwork perfectly puffy and easier to paint. Using the paint brush is still really fun, so why not try both ways?

Step 4: Get puffy painting with your favorite coloring sheet.

Take a look at our puffy paintings below!

Check out our video to see the paint puff off of the page!

Remember, you can adapt this activity to the age of your little ones. Have them help you mix everything together, or have your puffy paints pre-mixed and simply have your little ones start creating.

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