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Free Printable Feelings Chart for Kids!

Have fun with this Free Printable Feelings Chart for Kids, along with a Printable Emotions Matching Game. Learning emotion skills during preschool is essential for building healthy relationships! Laminate this chart so it lasts throughout the year. Help your little ones identify the words of each emotion and engage with some fun games to put yourself in the shoes of each feeling. Reference the chart during the day to stay in touch with how feelings can change throughout the day.

Printable Feelings Chart for Kids
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Printable Feelings Chart for Preschool

This feelings chart contains 9 emotions including: happy, confident, silly, sad, kind, worried, angry, sleepy, and surprised. Notice the body language in each expression. How do we appear when we are sad or mad? Talk with your little ones about how to approach someone who is worried, or how to have fun with a friend when they’re in a silly mood. Be sure to print out your Hollydog Worksheets to engage with another expressive little animal friend!

Free Feelings Chart for Kids

Emotion Skills Memory Game

Once you have the vocabulary words of emotions learned, have fun with this printable memory game. Cut out the 9 emotions from each page, plus the instructions, and then laminate! Be sure to print onto cardstock paper, this keeps the paper from being see through. Try starting with 6 emotion cards so that you have 12 to flip over and work your way up to the full 9 as your memory improves! Check out some additional games to play with your new feelings cards below.

Emotions Memory Game
Emotions Memory Game Happy!

5 Games to Play with Your Feelings Cards

  1. Memory Match: Place all the feelings cards face down on a table or the floor. Players take turns flipping two cards at a time, trying to find a match of the same feeling. If they successfully match a pair, they keep the cards and get another turn. The player with the most matches at the end wins.
  2. Emotion Charades: Select a feelings card without showing it to the other players. Act out the emotion on the card using facial expressions, body language, and gestures, while the other players try to guess the emotion being portrayed. The player who guesses correctly gets a point and takes the next turn.
  3. Feeling Sorting: Give each player a set of feelings cards and provide a sorting mat or separate areas for different emotions (e.g., happy, sad, angry, surprised). Players take turns picking a card from their stack and placing it in the appropriate emotion category. The player who successfully sorts all their cards first wins.
  4. Guess the Feeling: One player selects a feelings card without revealing it to others. The other players take turns asking questions to guess the emotion on the card. The player who correctly guesses the feeling becomes the next “chooser” for the next round.
  5. Feeling Stories: Create a story circle where each player takes turns adding to a story using the feelings cards. Start by drawing a card and incorporating that emotion into the story. The next player continues the story, incorporating the emotion from their drawn card. Keep rotating until everyone has had a chance to contribute, creating a unique story based on different emotions.

Click below to print your Feelings Chart for Kids, plus matching game!

We hope you enjoyed this Free Printable Feelings Chart for Kids! Be sure to check out the entire library of Free Preschool Printables.

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