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Printable Penguin Craft for Kids! (with free cutouts!)

Check out this awesome Printable Penguin Craft for Kids! This is a great craft to celebrate the snowy season! Print out black & white, or color cutouts and get to crafting! Talk about shapes when completing the activity. Print out 2 circles, 3 triangles, and 2 half -circles. Give your penguin 2 pink cheeks with a Dot Dot marker and pick your favorite color feather to complete your new friend! Be sure to give him a name! Print out your free cutouts below!

penguin craft for kids!
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Materials Needed:

scissors/glue stick

paper plate

feathers/pink Dot Dot marker

free penguin cutouts! (print below)

black paint and sponge

Cute Penguin Craft!

Step 1: Gather your materials! Print out your free penguin cutouts onto cardstock paper for the best results! In case you didn’t know, I LOVE sponge painting. Check out that texture! Grab yourself some black paint and a sponge, and paint a rim around your paper plate. If painting is too messy for you, try using watercolors instead.

penguin craft supplies
sponge painting on paper plate
sponge painting texture

Step 2: Next, use scissors to cut out your penguin pieces. Use a glue stick to glue each piece to the paper plate. This is a great time to talk about shapes with your little ones. Which pieces are circles? Which are triangles? What colors are they?

free cutouts
free cutouts
Penguin Craft for Kids

Step 3: Use a pink Dot Dot marker to give your penguin some pink cheeks! It’s cold out there in the arctic! Finally, make your penguin unique and give him a fun feather to place on top of his head. Pick your favorite colors and don’t forget to give your penguin a name!

pink Dot Dot cheeks
Penguin Craft for Kids

Printable Penguin Craft

Be sure to hang your new penguin somewhere that needs a bit of cheer! Make the craft your own by having the pieces pre-cut for your little ones, or by using markers/crayons to keep things simple. The Snowman Craft is another great craft to celebrate the snowy season!

completed penguin craft

Print out your Free Penguin Cutouts below!

We hope you enjoyed this Penguin Craft for Kids! Be sure to check out our entire library of Pre-K Crafts for more fun ideas! Be sure to check out the Owl Craft for another chance to build your own bird!

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