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Outer Space Adventure Preschool Lesson Plan!

Check out this awesome Outer Space Adventure Preschool Lesson Plan! The Preschool Outer Space Theme Activity Pack comes with 5 adventure filled printables that you can download for FREE! Build fine motor skills by practicing tracing skills, gluing planets, and coloring a rocket ship! Next, get creative with cookie cutter painting! This awesome outer space preschool craft will boost your little ones’ creativity and get them talking with some space vocabulary! Finally, round out the lesson plan with “Animals in the Sky”, a wonderful picture book about constellations!

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The Preschool Outer Space Activity Pack

Preview the 5 activities, then download for FREE below!

“The Same Same Game: Outer Space Edition!” is an awesome preschool matching game! Have your little ones use a glue stick to match the cutout pieces from page 1 to the grid on page 2!

printable worksheets for outer space preschool lesson plan

The “Saturn Dot Dot Sheet!” is awesome for teaching planets to preschoolers. Build fine motor skills with Dot Dot markers. What color will your planet be?

dot dot printable for outer space theme lesson plan preschool

The “Blast Off Rocket Ship Coloring Page!” is wonderful for boosting creativity! Use crayons, water colors, or markers!

The “Your Night Sky!” activity is super fun! Use a crayon to color your sky black or blue. Cut out all the images from page 1 and have your little ones glue them anywhere they like in their night sky! Talk about each image, its color and name!

Printable activity sheets for preschool outer space lesson plan

The “Let’s Go On A Space Walk” Tracing Sheet is great for building writing strength. Use a crayon or maker to take your astronaut all the way to the moon!

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Preschool Outer Space Cookie Cutter Painting Craft

Boost creativity with this out of this world preschool space activity! All you need is paint, construction paper, and outer space cookie cutters! This activity gets us talking about space vocabulary and builds color recognition. Use as many colors as you like! This is my favorite of the space activities for preschoolers.

Materials Needed:

outer space cookie cutters

yellow washable paint

black construction paper

Step 1: Gather your supplies: black construction paper, washable paint, and space cookie cutters. Use as many paint colors as you like. It works best if you use the dull side of the cookie cutter for paint dipping. I went a little crazy and got sparkly paper 🙂

Outer Space Preschool Lesson Plan Craft

Step 2: Have your little ones experiment with dipping the cookie cutters in the paint, then transferring them to the paper. If you have a big class, why not roll out a big strip of brown paper? Remember, this is a process art, so it will come out looking all crazy and weird. That’s part of the fun!

Step 3: Step back and look at your beautiful creation! Where do you see a star, a planet, or a rocket ship? What are some new words we learned along the way?

Cookie Cutter Painting for preschool outer space craft.
For your convenience this post contains affiliate links.

Preschool Outer Space Picture Book

I came across “Animals in the Sky” at the bookstore and LOVED it! It can be really tough to explain outer space to preschoolers. These are pretty big concepts. Even saying the word “constellation” can be a tongue twister, but this book makes everything really fun and easy to understand! Each page flips open, and then outwards again. The first open shows a cluster of stars, the second open shows what animal the stars form together! This book is wonderful for vocabulary and encouraging us to look up at the night sky!

"Animals in the Sky" Preschool Picture Book.

Have fun with these space themes! We hope you enjoy the Outer Space Adventure Preschool Lesson Plan! Be sure to check out the My Hollydog Preschool Lesson Plan for another FREE activity pack!

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