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Magic Reindeer Food Recipe and Free Printable Poem!

Print your Magic Reindeer Food Recipe and Free Printable Poem! It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Let’s be sure to keep those reindeer happy and fed while they fly over houses and through the night sky. This magic recipe and printable poem can help you make a super cute Christmas party favor for your little one’s classroom, or at home.

magic reindeer food recipe and printable poem
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Magic Reindeer Food Recipe

This reindeer food recipe is super simple! All you need is overnight oats, sprinkles, and sugar! Some reindeer food recipes call for glitter, but a great way to protect the little creatures in our environment is to skip and the glitter and add a touch of sugar instead. The sugar will have your reindeer food glisten on the lawn, lighting the way for the reindeer! Don’t forget to print your Christmas Coloring Pages to keep that creativity going!

Reindeer Food Recipe

Additional materials: clear plastic bags, stapler, cardstock paper

magic reindeer food!

Printable Reindeer Poem

Print your reindeer food poem onto cardstock paper for the best results. Put your reindeer food recipe into any fun holiday bag you like. If you really want your magic recipe to shimmer, clear bags work the best. Fold over the top of your bag once the food is inside and staple the poem to the top. Now, you’re all set with a fun Christmas party favor! Be sure to print your Letter to Santa Templates to get your letter to the North Pole!

Bringing reindeer food for a classroom party favor is awesome, and another fun alternative is actually making the reindeer food with your little ones! Making reindeer food is like a mini adventure in textures and colors. Your little ones mix oats, colorful sprinkles, and sugar together, getting their hands into the mix and seeing the final sparkly result.

old-fashioned oats, sugar, sprinkles
sprinkles going into the magic food bag

Have fun jazzing up the reindeer food with your own special touches. You can add dried fruit or mixed nuts—it’s all about putting your own creative twist on the recipe! This is a wonderful way for your little ones to feel the joy of giving. They’re cooking up something special for Santa’s reindeer and learning the awesome feeling of giving during the holidays.

magic reindeer food with my golden retriever!

Reindeer Books for Kids

Once you sprinkle your reindeer food outside, be sure to check out some awesome reindeer books! Reading with your little ones is a great way to boost vocabulary skills, build a social connection, and discover potential interests. Read Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, How to Catch a Reindeer, and Olive, the other Reindeer.

"Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer"
"How to Catch a Reindeer"
"Olive, the other Reindeer"

Click below to print your Free Reindeer Food Poem!

We hope you enjoyed this Magic Reindeer Food Recipe and Printable Poem! Be sure to print Christmas Worksheets for Preschool and December Worksheets for Pre-K for more holiday fun! Head to the entire Preschool Printable Library for tons of fun and learning!

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