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House Craft for Preschoolers! Learn your Shapes!

Check out this super simple House Craft for Preschoolers. This craft is great for practicing cut & paste skills and awesome for learning about shapes! Print out your free house template and shape cutouts. If you are working with very little ones, you can pre-cut the shapes and simply have them match each shape to its same partner. Enjoy making your own shape house!

House Craft for Preschoolers!
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Materials Needed:

cardstock paper

scissors/glue stick

House Craft for Preschool

First, print your house template and cutouts onto cardstock paper. Use scissors to cut out all 8 shapes: 1 triangle, 2 squares, 1 rectangle, and 4 circles. Be sure to talk about the color of each shape for additional color learning. Remember, you can always pre-cut the shapes if you are working with very little ones.

House Craft for Preschoolers! supplies
House Craft for Preschoolers! Cutouts

My Shape House!

Use a glue stick and glue each shape to its matching outline. Be sure to talk with your little ones to say the name of each shape out loud. Be sure to check out the Rocket Ship Craft for another awesome shape themed craft. Feel free to add any embellishments you like. Use pom poms, Dot Dot markers, Kwik Stix, or stickers! Make the craft your own!

House Craft for Preschoolers! Glue
My Shape House

Click below to print your House Craft Template and Cutouts!

Shape Books for Preschool!

Be sure to check out some awesome shape books for preschool. Combine the activity above with one of these books and your little ones will be on their way towards mastering all the shapes! Have fun reading “Dino Shapes”, “Color Zoo”, and “Perfect Square”. Reading with your little ones improves vocabulary, increases concentration, and builds cognitive development.

dino shapes
color zoo
perfect square

We hope you enjoyed this House Craft for Preschoolers! Be sure to check out our entire library of Pre-K Crafts.

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