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Free Winter Worksheets for Preschool!

Check out these awesome Free Winter Worksheets for Preschool! Have fun sorting mittens, coloring ice skates, and counting hats. Celebrate the snowy season with ice skates, hot chocolate, mittens, scarves, snowman, snowflakes and more! Print all 10 winter theme worksheets to build fine motor skills and boost creativity!

Free Winter Worksheets for Preschool
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Winter Printables for Preschool!

Use markers and crayons to fill in your creative pages. To build pincher strength, use small stickers with the I Spy page and Dot Dot page. Peel and stick one sticker onto each ice skate or circle. This peel and stick motion will build the strength of the thumb and forefinger. That means your little ones will be tying shoes, zipping zippers, and buttoning up buttons in no time! Check out Gingerbread Man Activities for another great activity pack for the snowy season!

Free Winter Worksheets for Preschool, Ice Skae Coloring Page
Winter Coloring Page
Free Winter Worksheets for Preschool, Colorful Mitten Match
Mitten Color Matching Worksheet
Winter Hat Counting Worksheet
Winter Hat Number Tracing Worksheet
Letter W Tracing Sheet
Letter W Winter Tracing Sheet

Winter Worksheets for Pre-K!

Engage with this worksheet pack to get the conversation going about winter! What kinds of clothes do we wear in the winter time? What things can we do outside? Which do you like better, winter or summer? Be sure to print your Snowmen Worksheets for Preschool for more snowy fun!

Free Winter Worksheets for Preschool, Marshmallow Counting Worksheet
Marshmallow Counting Worksheet
Free Winter Worksheets for Preschool, Scarf Dot Dot Page
Scarf Dot Dot Page
Ice Skate I Spy Worksheet
Winter I Spy Worksheet
Winter Puzzle for Pre-K
Winter Puzzle

Winter Theme Worksheets

This pack comes with cut & paste worksheets that will have your little ones practicing their scissor skills, plus tracing pages that will build pre-writing skills. One of my favorite worksheets in the pack is the winter puzzle! Who do you see playing in the snow? Spoiler alert! It’s a snowman! Have your little ones match each number to its same square.

Free Winter Worksheets for Preschool, winter counting worksheet
Winter Counting Worksheet
Free Winter Worksheets for Preschool, winter color and trace worksheet
Winter Color and Trace Worksheet

Printable Winter Matching Game!

Have fun with a Printable Winter Matching Game! Print out all 12 images onto cardstock paper, cut, and laminate. Put all of the pieces into a clear Ziplock bag and send home as a winter gift! The images include: a mitten, ice skate, hot chocolate, scarf, snowflake, and snowman!

winter matching game snowman
winter matching game pieces

Winter Books for Preschool

Check out some great books to go with your winter theme! Reading with your little ones is a great way to boost vocabulary skills, build a social bond, and discover potential interests! Read There was a Cold Lady who Swallowed some Snow, Over and Under the Snow, and The Three Snow Bears.

"The Was a Cold Lady Who Swallowed Some Snow"
"Over and Under the Snow"
"The Three Snow Bears"

Click below to print your Free Winter Worksheets for Preschool!

We hope you enjoyed these Winter Worksheets for Preschool! Be sure to check out all of our Printables by Theme for tons of fun and learning! Head to the entire Preschool Printable Library for tons of fun and learning!

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