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Free Printable Monkey Craft for Preschool!

Go bananas with this Free Printable Monkey Craft for Preschool! Build fine motor skills with cut & paste, learn about new textures with sponge painting, and create your own unique monkey with your own twist! Print your free cutouts onto cardstock paper. Don’t forget to give your monkey a banana! This craft goes great with an animal theme or jungle theme. Print your free cutouts below.

Monkey Craft for Preschoolers
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Materials Needed:

cardstock paper/paper plate

scissors/glue stick

brown paint/sponge for painting

free printable monkey cutouts (print below!)

Paper Plate Monkey Craft!

Step 1: Print your monkey cutouts onto cardstock paper. Print your pieces in color or black & white. If you print in black and white, this is a great time to use watercolors to fill in your pieces. Use scissors to cutout all 7 pieces. Be sure to ask your little ones questions while completing the craft. What do monkeys sound like? What do they eat? Where do they live?

Monkey Craft Supplies
Monkey Cutouts

Step 2: I LOVE sponge painting, so here we are again. You can use any sponge you have handy for this craft. Dip the sponge into the brown paint and transfer it to the paper plate. Do this until the whole plate is covered. If you are looking for a mess free way to color your paper plate, try watercolors!

Brown Paint with Sponge
Paper Plate Covered Brown

Step 3: Use a glue stick to glue your monkey cutouts to the paper plate. Feel free to add any of your own embellishments to the craft. Use a Dot Dot marker for cheeks, or glitter in your monkey’s fur! Be sure to check out the Elephant Craft for Preschool to continue with a jungle craft theme.

Monkey Pieces
Monkey with Banana

Monkey Craft for Preschool!

Be sure to hang your monkey somewhere that needs a bit of monkey cheer! If you are doing this as a class, hang all of your monkeys on the bulletin board! I guarantee you will have the best class display in the hallway!

Monkey Craft for Preschool

Click below to print your free monkey cutouts!

Monkey Books for Preschool

Sometimes it’s fun to have a book to go along with a craft. Check out my 3 book picks for a monkey theme. These books are sure to start up conversations about feelings, adventures, and monkeys! Enjoy “Grumpy Monkey”, “Cuddle Monkey”, and “Little Monkey”.

Grumpy Monkey Book
Cuddle Monkey Book
Little Monkey Book

We hope you enjoyed this Free Printable Monkey Craft for Preschool! Be sure to check out our entire Preschool Craft Library. Check out Farm Animal Crafts for Preschool for even more animal craft fun!

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