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FREE Printable Birthday Hats for Preschool!

Check out these awesome FREE Printable Birthday Hats for Preschool! Choose your favorite of all the 10 designs! Print out your birthday hats on cardstock paper so that they’ll be looking perfect throughout the whole birthday party. Check out ice-cream, dinosaurs, unicorns, rocket ships, and even a Hollydog! Buying tons of birthday decorations and supplies can add up. Print out as many birthday hats as you need right at home, for free!

FREE Printable Birthday Hats for Preschool
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Birthday Hats for Kids

These birthday hats for preschool are awesome for a fun celebration! Print out your hats on cardstock paper. Cut out the design and fold it into a cone shape. Use tape or glue to stick the edges together. Each hat has a different theme, we even have a Hollydog! Check out Hollydog, pizza, and dinosaur themes below!

Be sure to grab a hole punch, elastic bands, and tape/glue to complete your hats!

Hollydog Birthday Hat
Pizza Birthday Hat

Birthday Party Hats!

Use a hole punch to put two holes on either end of the hat. Use an elastic banded cord and put it through the holes. Check out robot, ice-cream, and animal themes below! Party supplies can add up real quick, with these easy printable hats you can save a bit of money and have something truly unique at your party! Pick out your favorite birthday party hat with sea creature, unicorns, rocket ships, and more!

FREE Printable Birthday Hats for Preschool, Robot
FREE Printable Birthday Hats for Preschool, Ice-Cream
FREE Printable Birthday Hats for Preschool, Animals!
Sea Creature Themed Birthday Hat
Unicorn Themed Birthday Hat
Rocket Ship Themed Birthday Hat

Birthday Celebration!

Hollydog, pizza, and dinosaurs, oh my! Download your favorite design and have fun putting together your birthday party theme! Don’t forget the cake and ice-cream! Have fun and celebrate!

Free Printable Birthday Hats Puppy Dog
Free Printable Birthday Hats Pizza
Free Printable Birthday Hats Dinosaur

Click below to download your FREE Birthday Hats!

We hope you enjoyed these FREE Printable Birthday Hats for Preschool! Be sure to check out the FREE Printable Birthday Cards for Preschool next!

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