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Free Penguin Coloring Pages!

Check out these fun FREE Penguin Coloring Pages! Print out your 10-pack below! Use markers, crayons, and watercolors to fill in your coloring sheets. This penguin pack is great for a bird theme or winter theme! Color in a baby penguin and his mama, a penguin holding a heart, a penguin eating a popsicle, a penguin reading a book, and so much more!

Free Penguin Coloring Pages
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Cute Penguin Coloring Pages!

Check out 3 of my favorite penguin coloring sheets! Color in a penguin holding a heart, a mama and baby penguin, and a penguin ballet dancer! This pack comes with tons of cool coloring pages. Next, color in a penguin with 2 fish, a penguin in a cape, and a penguin holding a popsicle! Use your favorite medium to color in each page. Try crayons, markers, and watercolors.

penguin holding heart
mama and baby penguin
ballet dancer penguin

Penguin Activities for Preschool

Use markers, crayons, and watercolors to fill in your penguin coloring pages! Have fun with a penguin space theme sheet and penguin balloon theme sheet. Be sure to ask your little ones questions about penguins while they complete the coloring sheets. What colors are penguins? What do penguins eat? Do penguins walk or fly? Where do penguins live?

space penguin, Free Penguin Coloring Pages!
penguin with balloons, Free Penguin Coloring Pages!

Penguin Facts:

Are you ready to learn some facts about penguins? Check it out!

Penguins have flippers, not wings.

Penguins do not fly like other birds do.

Penguins slide on their bellies on the snow. It’s called “tobogganing”.

Free Penguin Coloring Pages

Click below to print your Free Penguin Coloring Pages.

We hope you enjoyed these Free Penguin Coloring Pages! Be sure to check out all of our Coloring Page Packs for tons of fun! Check out Cat Coloring Pages for another great animal theme pack. Head to our Free Preschool Printable Library to see the entire library of free printables.

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