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Free Kindergarten Addition Worksheets!

Print 12 Free Kindergarten Addition Worksheets! Each worksheet comes with a fun object to count like a sneaker, a fox, an airplane, or a rocket ship! Address eight equations on each worksheet and engage with numbers 1-10. When adding simple numbers for the first time, it can be helpful to have blocks or pom poms near by to visualize each number. Print all 12 worksheets below!

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Addition Worksheets for Kindergarten

Simple addition worksheets are valuable for kindergarteners as they lay the groundwork for understanding numbers, promote problem-solving abilities, and build confidence in tackling basic math. Through these exercises, kids develop essential skills for future mathematical learning while fostering confidence in their abilities to solve problems and work with numbers. So, let’s get counting!

Kindergarten Addition Worksheets, Sneaker Theme
Kindergarten Addition Worksheets, Train Theme
Kindergarten Addition Worksheets, Monster Theme
Kindergarten Addition Worksheets, Fox Theme
Kindergarten Addition Worksheets, Pretzel Theme
Kindergarten Addition Worksheets, Narwhal Theme

Fun Addition Worksheets!

These fun worksheets introduce mathematical concepts visually, offer repetitive practice, and help little ones grasp the idea of combining two groups. This addition worksheet pack comes with a different theme on each page including: a sneaker, a train, a monster, a fox, a pretzel, a narwhal, an iguana, an airplane, ice-cream cones, a rocket ship, a hamburger, and crayons. Be sure to print Kindergarten Subtraction Worksheets for more counting fun!

Iguana Theme
Airplane Theme
Ice-Cream Theme
Rocket Ship Theme
Hamburger Theme
Crayon Theme

Kindergarten Math Resources

Teaching math in Kindergarten is an exciting adventure! Check out some additional resources that can aid you in your teaching journey. Being able to visualize the numbers we are counting can be a helpful took when first counting simple numbers. Check out some great activities below!

Click below to print 12 Free Kindergarten Addition Worksheets!

We hope you enjoyed these Free Kindergarten Addition Worksheets.

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