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50 Drawing Prompts your Preschoolers will LOVE!

How many times have you heard “…but, what should I draw?”. Get the answer you need with 50 Drawing Prompts your Preschoolers will LOVE! It’s time to break out the markers, crayons, watercolors, Dot Dot markers, glitter, and more! Art is a great way to express emotions, calm the body, and broaden the mind! Check out some fantastic ideas for preschool art that will boost creativity and get your little ones sharing!

50 Drawing Prompts for Preschool!
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50 Drawing Prompts for Preschool!

Drawing prompts are a great way to get the conversation going with your little ones. After everyone finishes their work, get sharing! Did anyone draw the same favorite food? Who used similar colors in their drawings? How many people are in your family portrait? Be sure to check out tons of great Coloring Pages for Preschool that will build fine motor skills and boost creativity!

Draw a monster!

Draw your favorite food!

Draw a family portrait.

Draw your favorite animal.

Draw a space dinosaur.

Draw a day at the beach.

Draw your favorite stuffed animal.

Draw a self-portrait.

Draw a tree house.

Draw a dog dancing!

Draw a giant flower.

Draw a frog hopping to school!

Draw a dancing flamingo.

Draw a butterfly in the jungle.

Draw a bowl of Fruit Loops!

Draw a treasure chest! What’s inside?

Draw a dragon eating french fries.

Draw a flying school bus!

Draw the night sky with shooting stars!

Draw a pig rolling in the mud.

Draw a giant castle.

Draw a day at the circus!

Draw a tasty pizza.

Draw a rocket ship blasting off!

Draw a colorful umbrella.

Draw yourself as a superhero!

Draw a rainbow bunny.

Draw a fluffy dog chasing a squirrel!

Draw a laughing tiger!

Draw your favorite flavor ice-cream.

Draw a big fish swimming with a tiny fish.

Draw a colorful house.

Draw a fast car.

Draw a pizza party!

Draw a robot eating a popsicle.

Draw your favorite thing on the playground.

Draw your teacher. What is she doing?

Draw a pack of crayons.

If you could have a pet, what would it be?

Draw a singing cat.

Draw a bird eating pancake.

Draw a giant airplane.

Draw a tasty sandwich.

Draw a colorful swing set.

Draw a camp fire with marshmallows.

Draw a silly hat!

Draw a happy kitty cat.

Draw a kits soaring in the sky!

Draw your favorite toy.

Draw your bedroom.

Make Your Own Drawing Prompt Jar!

A great way to pick a drawing prompt is to write your ideas down and put them all into a jar! When you feel stuck and need something to draw, close your eyes and see what you pick!

A Drawing Prompt Mason Jar! 50 Drawing Prompts

Preschool Art

Why Should I Use Drawing Prompts in My Art Class?

When you can draw whatever you want, sometimes it’s hard to get going. With a simple touch of guidance, your little ones will add their own twist onto whichever prompt is presented. Drawing prompts are awesome because they get your little ones thinking creatively and there is no pressure to be right or wrong. Isn’t it cool how everyone has the same prompt and each person’s artwork turns out so differently!?

Viewing the finished artwork gives your little ones the chance to share a bit about their drawing. Drawing brings the mind to a calm state and is a great tool to use for social emotional learning by getting the chance to express ideas and emotions.

Drawing with markers and crayons builds the strength of the small muscles in the hands. With every shape, dot, swirl, and curvy line your little ones are building essential muscle strength! This is also a great time to build color identification skills.

Preschoolers Drawing with Markers and Crayons.

Draw a Monster.

monster drawing prompt, 50 Drawing Prompts

Draw a Bowl of Fruit Loops.

fruit loops drawing prompt, 50 Drawing Prompts

Draw a Rainbow Bunny.

rainbow bunny drawing prompt, 50 Drawing Prompts

We hope you enjoyed 50 Drawing Prompts Your Preschoolers Will LOVE! Be sure to check out Color Activities and Worksheets for Preschool that will build color recognition skills!

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