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The Letter C Craft for Preschool! (with Free Printable Templates)

Print The Letter C Craft for Preschool! (with free printable templates) Build fine motor skills with a Letter C Cut & Paste Activity. Match shapes and learn letter C words like: cupcake, car, carrots, and crayons. Next, make your own C is for Cloud Craft. Have fun with cotton balls, streamers, and a printable cloud template. Don’t forget to check out a Letter C Handprint Craft and Letter C Dot Dot Page.

The Letter C Craft for Preschool!
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The Letter C Craft for Preschool

This Letter C Craft for Preschool is chocked full of learning and fun! Print your activity onto cardstock paper. The background of the letter C template has cherries, corn, cows, cups, and crabs! Take a moment to name each picture you see in the background before you begin the activity. Use markers and crayons to color in the images on page 2. Color in the cupcake, crayons, car, and carrots!

Letter C Craft Template
Letter C Printable Craft Pieces

Inside the letter C contains four shapes: circle, square, triangle, and rectangle. Have your little ones cut out the shapes on page two and match each picture to its same shape. Using scissors is a great way to build fine motor skills. Matching shapes is a great way to learn shape names and shape recognition. What else do you see in the room that begins with the letter C?

C is for Cupcake Printable Piece
The Letter C Craft for Preschool!

The C is for Cloud Craft

Materials needed: cotton balls, blue streamers, cardstock paper, scissors, glue

Check out another great craft for the letter c. First, print your free cloud template onto cardstock paper. Have your little ones glue streamers to the bottom of the cloud. This represents rain! Then, have your little ones glue cotton balls to fill in the cloud to give it a puffy, fluffy feel. This craft is great for engaging with multiple materials and using the sense of touch. Be sure to hang your cloud craft somewhere that needs a bit of cloudy cheer!

Printable Cloud Template
Cloud Craft with Streamers
Cloud Craft with Cotton Balls
C is for Cloud Craft

Letter C Activities for Pre-K

Use a Dot Dot marker to dot your letter C. Engage with a touch of social emotional learning by talking about the word, “confident”. What does it feel like to be confident? What body language shows us confidence? How you can help someone else feel confident? Another way to use this sheet, is to have your little ones place one fruit loop onto each gray dot.

The Alphabet Handprint Book can be a great end of the year gift for your little ones and their parents. Take a look at “C is for Crab”. Use red paint for the handprints, red construction paper for the pinchers, and googly eyes. Be sure to use Washable Kwik Stix to add some colorful flourishes for fun. 

Letter C Dot Dot Page
C is for Crab Handprint Craft

Letter C Books for Pre-K

Check out some great letter c books for preschool! Reading with your little ones is a great way to build a social bond, build vocabulary skills, and discover potential interests! Read “The Cow Loves Cookies”, “Clickety Clack”, and “The Cat in the Hat”.

"The Cow Loves Cookies"
"Clickety Clack"
"The Cat in the Hat"

Click below to print your Free Letter C Craft Templates!

We hope you enjoyed The Letter C Craft for Preschool! Head to the Preschool Printable Library for tons of fun and learning!

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