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“The Vehicles of the Town”: A Picture Book Review

Written by Jolas Wittler and illustrated by Kama Towcik.

“The Vehicles of the Town” will have you learning all kinds of transportation words! Perfect for ages 2-3 and 4-5, this book has amazing pictures to prompt conversation and get your little ones talking! This is the first book I have reviewed that is also in Spanish! The illustrations are awesome with great character expressions. Check it out!

Things I love about this book:


  • I love how many vocab words are in this book! The topic is very specific, which is great, and is 100% about the road. We learn about cars, trucks, gas stations, fire trucks, you name it. There’s so much to learn!
  • At the end of “The Vehicles of the Town”, there are challenges for us to go back and find! This is a great way to have your little ones go back and look through the pictures again. “Can you find the hidden cat on each page?”
  • “Vehicles of the Road” comes in English, Spanish, German, and French! Order all the languages!
  • Age 2 is the PERFECT time to start learning a second language. Learning a new language as an adult is very difficult, so why not get a jump start with you little one and learn some new words?
  • Currently, the FREE audio book is available! Make sure to download it so that you can hear the words pronounced correctly, if you are learning a new language.
  • The illustrations in this picture book are awesome! There is so much to look at, which is great for prompting questions. The characters all have such expressive faces, and the contrast in the colors makes for awesome landscapes of the road and city.

Watch the video below to see tons of vocabulary and expressive illustrations!

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