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“The Moose Goes to a Farm”: A Picture Book Review

Written and illustrated by Adam DeRose

Check out this AWESOME book, “The Moose Goes to a Farm”. I absolutely LOVE this series. Adam DeRose has written over 16 books featuring The Moose, and gets inspiration from his three children who he sometimes incudes in his drawings! This picture book is fantastic for learning vocabulary about all things “farm”. Come along with the Moose as he discovers what exactly goes on with other animals and crops, even check out the farmer’s market!

The Moose Goes to a Farm Picture Book

Things I love about this book:

  • I love this book because the Moose has such an adventurous spirit. Throughout the book, he gets himself into all kinds of trouble on the farm. He gets stuck in a chicken coop, he drives off road on a bright blue tractor, and he attracts birds as a scarecrow. In all of the author’s books, the Moose is ready to try something new. Even when unexpected things happen, he keeps his “can do” attitude and ends up learning lots of new things.
  • The illustrations in this book are fantastic! The Moose has such unique facial expressions, and I think little ones will be able to relate to him very well. DeRose uses colored pencils in his drawings, which makes them vibrant and full of texture.
  • There is on average one sentence per page in this book, which is great for keeping the little ones’ attention. In the middle of the book, there is a great alliteration section that readers will love. The Moose “leveled the lettuce”, “bruised the blueberries”, and “ruined the raspberries”!
  • If you are looking for a book with great farm vocabulary, then this book is for you! The story includes animals, foods, plants, and farm equipment!

See below to discover even more amazing things about the Moose book series!

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