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“The Living Tree”: A Picture Book Review

Written and illustrated by Carolyn Cutler Hughes.

Come check out “The Living Tree” and read all about the circle of life. This book talks about growing and changing in a simple and uplifting way. While it can be scary as we see things changing, we also see how these changes make us stronger along the way.

"The Living Tree" Picture Book

Things I love about this book:

  • The illustrations in “The Living Tree” are beautiful! I love how all of the seasons have their own unique characteristics. The watercolors give the book a very calming feel, and the trees have their own personalities too!
  • I’ve never seen the cycle of life written about so simply and beautifully. We see how a large tree grows and changes throughout the seasons. A little tree sprouts up beside the big one and it is shielded by the rain and wind. One day, the snow and wind gets to be too much for the big tree and it collapses. The small tree is so sad, but now because it is not shielded from the sun, it grows taller, and the wind makes its branches stronger. Soon, it looks down and sees a small tree sprout up next to it! What a great way to explain the circle of life!
  • The size of this book is great for little ones to hold. It is smaller than most books I have reviewed, and I think it is a great size for young readers to flip through themselves.
  • “The Living Tree” has around one sentence per page, which is great for 2-3 year old’s. I recommend this book for ages 2-5.

Watch my video below to see some beautiful nature illustrations!

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