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“The Animals at the Zoo”: A Picture Book Review

Written by Jolas Wittler and illustrated by Kama Towcik.

Come along with me and explore “The Animals at the Zoo”, the second book written by Jolas Wittler and illustrated by Kama Towcik. This picture book has tons of animal-filled illustrations, is perfect for building vocabulary, and even has a hidden animal lurking on each page to discover! The book begins at the entrance to the Zoo with a fountain, a map, and tickets. We then move through the gates and see elephants, giraffes, ostriches, and so much more!

"The Animals at the Zoo" picture book for preschool
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Things I LOVE about this book!

  • One of the most wonderful things about this book is its inclusiveness and diversity! Throughout the Zoo, you will see boys and girls, different skin colors, different hair styles, a headscarf, and a featured girl in a wheel chair. I love how “The Animals at the Zoo” truly reflects the environment we see when we visit the zoo, and includes everyone.
  • I love how engaging this book is for the reader. At the end of the book, there are questions about the animals, asking, “Can you find every animal from this list? Which sounds do they make?” There is also a raven hidden on each page, and the book encourages us to go back through the pages and read it again! Instead of passively listening, the reader gets to actively answer questions and search for animals!
"The Animals at the Zoo" picture book
  • Not only does each page feature an animal, but we are told something that is unique to each one. For example, we learn that the tigress roars, the turtle has a shell, and the giraffe has a long neck. It’s super cute, AND educational!
  • One of my favorite illustrations is of the petting zoo! All of the kids look so happy, and we get to see them interact with the sheep, baby chicks, rabbits, chickens, and the donkey! I also love the panda bear illustration and how the illustrator has captured their friendly and playful personalities perfectly. Your little ones will love looking at each illustration and all of its details.
  • This book is perfect for preschool because there is an average of 2 sentences per page which will keep their attention span and build vocabulary.

Be sure to go to to get soundscapes that accompany the book, plus free coloring sheets! What gets better than that?

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