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“Shy Willow”: A Picture Book Review

Written and illustrated by Cat Min.

Come on a journey in “Shy Willow” and meet a cute, shy little rabbit. She lives in a very comfy abandoned mailbox. One day, a little boy mistakes the mailbox as operational and shoves a letter through the slot. Willow opens the letter to find the little boy requesting that the moon shine very brightly on his mother’s birthday night. Willow can no longer stay in her mailbox! She must deliver the letter to the moon and make this little boy’s request come true! How will she contact the moon? Will it shine brightly? Come find out!

"Shy Willow" a picture book
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Things I LOVE About This Book!

  • First of all, the illustrations in this book are AMAZING! Being an illustrator myself, I just had to know how Cat Min did it! In the back of the book, my question was answered! Cat uses an erasable pink colored pencil to sketch, then adds watercolor over top, finally she uses colored pencils to add textures and details. I am so impressed and obsessed! This is one of the most beautiful picture books I have in my collection!
"Shy Willow" illustrations by Cat Min
  • This book has a wonderful message about perseverance and conquering fear. Willow is content in her mailbox because it is a safe place away from the scary world, but when she sees that a little boy needs her help, she decides to take action. In order to deliver his letter to the moon, she must go through many obstacles. She hikes up a huge hill, jumps into a birds nest, and even flies on the back of a mama bird! This is no easy task, and in the end, her own creativity in making a balloon is what achieves her goal!
  • There are a few images in this book with no words, which is great for engaging our little ones. This prompts question asking and identifying different objects in the images. The amount of words in the book is great for preschool because it will keep attention and also engage early learners with sequencing.
"Shy Willow"
  • In the end of the book, we see that conquering fear isn’t easy. We must face many obstacles and take a few risks, but when we persevere we see how each of us can bring love and happiness to those around us.
  • The little rabbit, Willow, is such a relatable character. I think kids will love her. She carries around a red backpack, and ends up being quite the adventurer! She is a bit nervous to speak to the moon, but finds her voice and makes a new friend! I give this book 5 stars! It is beautifully illustrated with a wonderful whimsical story!

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