Hollydog Numbers 1-10


Come have fun with “The Hollydog Numbers 1-10” activity pack! This pack is great for learning numbers through a creative process!

“The Hollydog Numbers 1-10” activity pack is awesome for learning numbers! At the top of each page is a corresponding number of dog bones. Count the dog bones together, then get creative and fill in the number. There are so many different ways to do this! Use watercolors, crayons, markers, Dot Dot markers, peel and stick stickers, stamp mini stamps, q-tip paint, puffy paint, the possibilities are endless!

Next to each number is a fun saying that will help your little ones begin to process how to write each number. Be sure to check out “My Hollydog Rides in the Car” for a great story to read with the number pack.


“The Hollydog Numbers 1-10” pack includes:


Number 1: A line straight down is lots of fun! That’s the way we make a 1.

Number 2: Around the railroad track and back! 2, 2, 2!

Number 3: Around the tree, around the tree! That’s the way we make a 3!

Number 4: Down and across, and down once more! That’s the way we make a 4.

Number 5: Across and down, around you dive!  That’s the way we make a 5.

Number 6: Around we go and make a loop! Number 6 makes a hoop.

Number 7: Across the sky and down from heaven! That is how we make a 7.

Number 8: Make an “S” but do not wait! Head back up to make an 8.

Number 9: A loop and a line! That’s what we need to make a 9.

Number 10: A 1 and a 0 make a 10. You’re a hero!




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