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Number Sprinkles 1-20 Preschool Printable

Download your Number Sprinkles 1-20 Preschool Printable! It’s time for decorating some donuts! Build pincher strength with medium stickers and build number recognition by matching each number to its sticker. After completing these preschool number worksheets, your donuts will be covered in colorful sprinkles. Put your decorated treat somewhere everyone can see it to bring them some cheer! Download your free preschool printables below!

Number Sprinkles 1-10 Preschool Printable
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Free Number Worksheets!

This number recognition activity comes with two printable sweet treats, a donut and an ice-cream! To go with this activity, you will need 3/4 inch round color coding labels. There are lots of colors to pick from. On each sticker, use a black sharpie and write one number that’s listed on the image. This peel and stick process is great for building pincher strength!

Donut Print Out
Ice-Cream Print Out

Numbers 10-20 Sprinkles!

Now, the donut and ice-cream printables come with additional sheets covering numbers 10-20! Once numbers 1-10 are mastered, move on to the double digits! Practice saying the name of each number as you find it on the sheet. For extra fun, have a sweet treat to go along with the worksheet. And, why not add some sprinkles to you treat? How many sprinkles will you add?

Let’s Get Counting!

Once your sweet treat is fully decorated, be sure to hang it in a place that needs some cheer! This activity is a great time to talk with your little ones about numbers and ask questions. How many eyes do you have? How many fingers do you have on one hand? How many people are in the room? These number worksheets are perfect for ages 3-5.

Number Sprinkles 1-10 Preschool Printable
Sharpie and stickers

Don’t forget your circle stickers and black sharpie!

Did you enjoy this Number Sprinkles 1-20 Preschool Printable? Be sure to check out all of our Preschool Math Worksheets for more number fun! Head to the Cut and Paste Numbers 1-5 to build fine motor skills and practice number identification.

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