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“My Hollydog” Preschool Lesson Plan!

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Check out the full “My Hollydog” Preschool Lesson Plan! Build fine motor skills, vocabulary, and creativity by downloading the FREE “My Hollydog” Activity Pack with 5 awesome preschool activities! Next, make your own Hollydog best friend with a paper plate, paint, and cutouts (included!). This is a chance for your little ones to try fork painting by creating different textures and lines! Finally, go on an adventure with the Hollydog! Be sure to round out the lesson with “My Hollydog” or “My Hollydog Rides in the Car”. These preschool picture books build vocabulary, empathy, and sequencing. Get started below!

“My Hollydog” Preschool Activity Pack

Preview the 5 Preschool Pet Theme Printables and download yours for FREE below!

“My Hollydog” Eye Spy!”

This eye spy activity is great for learning vocabulary and building fine motor skills! Have your little ones circle each image they find, or build their pinchers by having them place a sticker on each one.

Preschool Lesson Plan FREE printable activity, "My Hollydog".

“Build the Hollydog House”

This activity is great for shape matching! Have your little ones use a glue stick to match each cutout piece to the same shaped space, and build your own dog house!

"My Hollydog" Preschool Cut Out Activity.

“Let’s Count Together!”

This activity sheet is perfect for beginner’s counting. Cut out the images from page two, then have your little ones match each image to it’s same column. Count as you go along!

“My HollydogBedtime”

Cut out the images from sheet one, and have your little ones place each image anywhere they like in Hollydog’s bed! Use the illustration page to talk about what is seen in the picture. Build vocabulary!

"My Hollydog" Bedtime Activity.

“My Hollydog Picnic Puzzle”

This activity is perfect to do again and again if you laminate! Cut out the puzzle pieces, laminate, and have fun putting together the “My Hollydog Picnic Puzzle”. The numbers on the bottom build on beginner counting skills.

FREE Preschool printable. "My Hollydog" puzzle.

Click the button below to download your pack for FREE!

“My Hollydog” Preschool Paper Plate Craft!

The “My Hollydog” Preschool Paper Plate Craft is awesome! Try out a new way of painting with a fork! See how new textures can be created with everyday items! Use a glue stick to place the cutout pieces onto the plate and build fine motor skills. Talk about dogs! What do dogs feel like, smell like, look like? Do all dogs look the same, or are some different? Build vocabulary, social engagement, and creativity! Download the cutouts below for free! This is my favorite of the preschool pet theme crafts!

Materials Needed:

paper plate

Hollydog Cutouts (included below!)

glue stick


brown paint (brown sugar color)

plastic fork

Step 1: Gather your materials, and squirt some paint onto a smooth surface. Have your little ones use a fork to transfer the paint onto their paper plate! This is great two step process to build fine motor skills and boost creativity!

Preschool "My Hollydog" craft materials.

Step 2: After your paper plate has dried, cut out your Hollydog pieces. Depending on the age and skill of your little ones, you may want to have these pieces pre-cut for the activity.

"My Hollydog" free cutouts for preschool craft!

Step 3: Have your little ones use a glue stick to place each Hollydog part on her cute face! Have an example already made so they can have a reference. The red collar is glued to the back rim of the plate. Your little ones might need a helping hand with this tricky gluing. Remember, always let them try first!

"My Hollydog" Paper Plate Preschool Craft!

Step 4: Step back and admire your beautiful Hollydog. She is so happy to have a friend like you!

"My Hollydog" paper plate craft!

Oh, Look! I spy some Hollydogs!

“My Hollydog” Picture Book for Preschool

“My Hollydog Rides in the Car” written by Charise Leemis and illustrated by Amanda Leemis.

“My Hollydog Rides in the Car” in the “My Hollydog” Preschool Lesson Plan is awesome for preschool! Come along with the Hollydog for an adventure on the road! She goes for a ride with her humans when something catches her eye out the window. She jumps right out to go chase a squirrel!

My Hollydog Rides in the Car, Picture Book.
My Hollydog Rdies in the Car

This preschool picture book has an important message about safety and friendship. Hollydog’s humans always run after her when she gets into mischief, and they keep her safe. There are tons of things to look at in each illustration, which is great for building vocabulary. Plus, there is a ball and a unicorn hidden in each picture! Each page has 1-2 sentences to keep the little ones’ attention and engage them with objects on each page.

"My Hollydog" Preschool Lesson Plan Book.

Pet themed activities are tons of fun! We hope you enjoy your lesson with the Hollydog! If you want to download another FREE activity pack, check out the Flower Power Themed Preschool Lesson Plan!

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