“My Hollydog” Bedtime Printable for Preschool

Check out this awesome FREE “My Hollydog” Bedtime Printable for Preschool. The Hollydog has lots of things that she takes to bed. This activity’s great vocabulary words include: leash, bowl, ball, shoe, unicorn, bone, and toys. The activity comes with three sheets. Sheet 1 is Hollydog’s bed, sheet 2 is Hollydog’s bedtime items, and sheet 3 is a drawing of Hollydog in her bed. We originally created this activity to go in take-home packets for remote learning.

Adapt the bedtime printable to your age group!

Have your little ones cut and paste, or have your items pre-cut so that your little ones can simply talk about what they see in the picture and then get to gluing! It’s tons of fun!

Hollydog Bedtime Activity Printable for Preschool

Remember to get the book to go with our fun activities!

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My Hollydog Rides in the Car, Picture Book.

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