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“I Love You More Than…”: A Picture Book Review

Written by Karen Cohen and illustrated by Florin R. Gheorghiu.

Get ready for amazing illustrations with two loveable lemurs in “I Love You More Than…”. Not only do their tails make an infinity sign, but their love grows for each other throughout the whole book. Perfect for ages 2-3, “I Love You More Than…” is a great Valentine’s Day present and bedtime story!

"I Love You More Than..." picture book for toddlers-pre-k.

Things I love about this book:

  • My favorite illustration, there are several, is the lemurs’ tails making an infinity sign! What an amazing way to remind our little ones of everlasting love!
  • This book is full of nature! There are bugs, flowers, rain drops, clouds, and rainbows. Why not take a nature walk during the day, and finish up the fun with this amazing read? You could even talk about the things you saw outside and the things inside the book. What was the same? What was different?
  • The illustrations in this book are great! They give the reader so much to talk about. This book is great for ages 2-3 because there is one sentence per page, and the illustrations give us loads of talking points!
  • There are so many different landscapes in this book. There are the mountains, the beach, the universe, the park, the meadow, you name it! The message of love can be found everywhere!

Watch the video below to see wonderful illustrations with a message of love!

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