Friendly Ghost Craft for Preschool

Get ready for Halloween with this awesome Friendly Ghost Craft for Preschool! Not only is this craft super cute, but it is ideal for building fine motor skills. Pinching and grasping lays the foundation for everyday tasks like buttoning a shirt, or tying a shoelace. You can adapt this craft for your age group, and make it as easy or challenging as you like. It is definitely one of my favorite preschool Halloween crafts! Have materials pre-prepared for a smooth running craft time. Use this craft time to talk about friendly ghosts. What do they sound like? What do they look like?

Materials Needed:

cotton balls

plastic water bottles

black construction paper

sparkly white tissue paper

rubber bands


Step 1: First, gather your materials. I used an Ozarka water bottle (right) and a Hint water bottle (left). If you are doing this craft with toddlers, be sure to pick a water bottle shape that has a hole big enough for them to be able to put cotton balls into themselves, Hint was great! You can even use a bigger plastic container for this craft if you want. Whatever works best for your age group.

Step 2: Next, place cotton balls into your water bottle. This process is great for building fine motors skills! It prepares your little ones for more challenging tasks like holding a pencil and using utensils. Cut out 2 black ovals for the eyes and one crescent moon for the mouth. Remember, this doesn’t have to be perfect. Ghosts come in all different shapes and sizes.

friendly ghost craft for preschool
friendly ghost craft for preschool

Step 3: To finish off the ghost, cut sparkly tissue paper into squares. The easiest thing to do is put the tissue underneath the cap and then screw it on. I, however, am a perfectionist so I used a rubber band to hide the top of the bottle. When it comes to Halloween crafts for preschoolers, there’s no time for perfection, so just do whatever works best for your crafting!

Step 4: Finally, step back and look at your beautiful, friendly ghost! Find a good spot to put him in the classroom or in your house. Put him in a dark corner to bring someone a friendly surprise, or put him out in the open to show off your handy work!

Friendly Ghost Craft Complete!

friendly ghost craft for preschool
friendly ghost craft for preschool

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