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FREE Preschool Flower Themed Worksheets!

Check out these 5 FREE Preschool Flower Themed Worksheets! These activity sheets are perfect for a spring theme at home, or in the classroom. My flower printables are great for building fine motor skills, learning flower vocabulary, and discovering nature! The goal with this pack is to boost creativity and build fine motor skills.

First, let’s get started with shape sorting! Cut out the flower heads from page 2 and have your little ones glue each shape to its matching flower pot! One great thing you can do with this pack is to bring in some flowers to show your little ones. Are there different kinds? What color is each one? What do they feel like? What do they smell like?

Preschool Flower Themed Worksheets
Preschool Flower Themed Worksheets

Next, build pre-writing skills with the flower tracing sheet! Water each flower by using a crayon or maker to trace each pathway. Get creative with the flower coloring sheet. Use crayons or markers to create a unique and beautiful flower.

Preschool Flower Themed Worksheets

Finally, have some fun with cutting and gluing. The “Petal Match!” sheet is great for matching colors and patterns. Have your little ones match each petal to its same partner. In the “Grow Your Garden” sheet, have your little ones glue each flower head to any stem they like. Each person’s garden will look different, and that’s part of the fun!

Preschool Flower Themed Worksheets

Click below to download your FREE Flower Themed Activity Pack!

Did you enjoy these Preschool Flower Themed Worksheets? Be sure to download the Springtime Dandelion Thumbprint Activity Sheet to complete this awesome pack!

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