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Flower Power Themed Preschool Lesson Plan!

Get ready for this awesome Flower Power Themed Preschool Lesson Plan! Download your FREE Preschool Flower Power Activity Pack! The 5 flower activities for preschool include matching, tracing, coloring, and more! Next, create your own beautiful flower with the Coffee Filter Flower Craft! It is one of my favorite preschool crafts! Finally, take a look at an awesome flower book. Learn some vocabulary, and identify flower colors!

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Preschool Flower Power Activity Pack

Preview the activities, then download your FREE pack below!

The “Petal Match” activity sheet is great for matching colors and patterns. Cut out the petals from page 1 and have your little ones use a glue stick to match each petal to its same partner!

Flower preschool activity in the flower themed preschool lesson plan.

“Grow Your Garden” is tons of fun! Cut out the flower heads from page 1 and have your little ones use a glue stick to paste each flower head on any stem they like! Talk about the colors in each flower.

Flower printable worksheet in the flower preschool lesson plan.

Build fine motor skills with the “Watering Can Tracing Sheet”. Have your little ones use a marker or crayon to trace each pathway and water each beautiful flower!

The “Flower Shape Sort” preschool activity sheet is awesome for learning shapes! Cut out the 9 flower heads from sheet 1 and have your little ones use a glue stick to match each shape on the flower head to the same one on the container.

The “Flower Power Coloring Sheet” is great for being creative! Use watercolors, markers, or crayons to color in your flower! Stickers can be a fun touch to boost your little ones’ pincher strength.

Click below to download your FREE preschool flower theme worksheets!

Preschool Coffee Filter Flower Craft

This is my favorite of the preschool flower crafts! Create your own coffee filter flower to take home and hang on the wall! Better yet, display your whole class’ flowers on a bulletin board! It will brighten the whole room! Check it out!

coffee filter preschool craft

Materials Needed:

coffee filters


glue stick

construction paper

Step 1: Gather your materials! Depending on the age of your little ones, you may want to have your green stem drawings pre-made. It’s super simple, just use a green crayon to draw a stem and a couple leaves.

flower craft for flower theme preschool lesson plan.

Step 2: Have your little ones use crayons to color their coffee filter. When I first did this craft, I thought for sure that the coffee filter would flatten, and it wouldn’t work, but surprisingly, my coffee filters kept their shape after I put pressure on them, and they fluffed up like beautiful flowers!

Step 3: Have your little ones use a glue stick to place the coffee filter on top of the stem.

Coffee Filter flowers in the flower theme preschool lesson plan.

Step 4: Step back and marvel at your beautiful flower!

Flower craft for preschool.

Preschool Flower Picture Book

“Mouse’s First Spring”, written by Laura Thompson and illustrated by Bucket Erdogan, is a wonderful book to get us talking about flowers! Follow Mouse as he sees birds, worms, and flowers! The first signs of Spring! Come with him as he discovers that flowers can be petally and soft. There are about one-two sentences per page which is great for keeping the attention of this age group.

flower picture book for preschool lesson plan.

Remember, one of the greatest things to do when it comes to flowers is to get outside. Talk a walk around the school or your neighborhood and see what pretty flowers you can find!

We hope you enjoyed these preschool flower activities in our Flower Themed Preschool Lesson Plan! Be sure to check out the Outer Space Preschool Lesson Plan for more FREE printables and awesome activities!

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