February Friendship Pig!

Get ready to make your very own February Friendship Pig! Not only does this activity allow us to talk about colors, animals, and sounds, but it is awesome for building fine motor skills and learning about sequencing! Adjust the activity for 2-3’s or 4-5’s, see below. Create this pig during the month of February when we talk about love and friendship. Will you give away your pig as a valentine, or keep him for yourself?

DIY Friendship Pig Paper Plate Activity Craft

Materials Needed:

  1. cotton balls
  2. a paper plate
  3. pink construction paper
  4. glue
  5. scissors
  6. pink paint
  7. a paint brush with bristles (not a foam brush!)

Step 1: Gather your materials, talk about what sounds pigs make, “oink! oink!”, and get creating! Have your little ones dot their plate with glue, and stick a cotton ball on each glue dot. This is great for building fine motor skills!

Step 2: Take your time and cover your plate with cotton balls! Once you have a puffy white landscape, break out the pink paint! Use a paintbrush to color all of the cotton balls pink. This works best with a bristled brush, a foam brush does not work! Instead of swiping back and forth, use your brush and poke each cotton ball two or three times. Again, this is great for building fine motor skills!

Step 3: If you are working with 2-3-year-olds, have them stick on some googly eyes and have an adult finish the next steps. If you are working with 4-5-year-olds give them a chance to do all of the steps themselves, and assist when they need help. Wrap a pipe cleaner around your finger for your pig’s tail! Use glue to attach it to the underside of the plate.

Step 4: Cut out your pig’s nose and ears! What’s the simplest thing to do for ears? Just cut the corners off of your construction paper sheet. Draw a circle and two dots for the nose! Glue your three cut outs to the plate! Don’t forget to add the googly eyes!

Step 5: Step back in awe of your beautiful Friendship Pig! Will you keep him close by your side, or give him to someone special as a valentine?

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