Easter Baby Chick Craft for Preschool

Get ready for this awesome Easter Baby Chick Craft for Preschool! This craft is perfect for ages 2-5. When you have the materials prepped properly, even your youngest will have tons of fun building up their pincher skills! Whether you’re looking for a Spring craft or Easter craft, this baby chick will have your crafters building their vocabulary, boosting fine motor skills, and looking forward to the warm weather ahead!

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Materials Needed:

Step 1: Gather your materials! If you are doing this craft with ages 2-3, then you will want to prep your clothes pin feathers. I used normal Elmers glue and it didn’t work! Use hot glue if you are doing this yourself, if you have ages 4-5 participating then use an Elmer’s craft/ fabric glue (linked above).

Step 2: Get painting! Have your little ones use either a sponge or foam brush to cover the plate yellow! I used a pink plate because it’s what I had handy. White plates work the best.

Step 3: Cut a triangle out of your orange construction paper, now you have a beak! Glue the beak down and add the googly eyes!

Step 4: Add the feathers! Have your little ones build their pincher skills by clipping each clothes pin to the plate. Add the feathers anywhere you want! Some chicks will end up looking a little crazy, but that’s all part of the fun!

We hope you enjoyed the Easter Baby Chick Craft for Preschool! Are you looking for another fun paper plate animal to make? Check out the Friendship Pig! This craftivity will have your little ones talking about animals, sounds, and colors!

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