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“Cowgirl Lessons”: A Picture Book Review

Written by Rae Rankin and illustrated by J-San

Do you loves horses and adventure? If so, then “Cowgirl Lessons” is for you! This picture book is perfect for preschool with its wonderful illustrations and great vocabulary. Rae Rankin has several books published in the Cowgirl series including “Beach Day”, “The Ghost Horse”, “Cowgirl Christmas”, and “Mountain Winter”. So, if you love this book, there are even more cowgirl books to discover! Check it out!

Things I Love About This Book

  • It can be challenging to find a good book about horses for the pre-K level, and this book is absolutely perfect! With 2 sentences per page this rhyming book great for keeping the attention of the little ones.
  • There’s tons of great horse vocabulary in this book! There are words we might not use in our common vocabulary like horseshoe, saddle, gait, reins, stall and more! This is a great book to introduce little ones to the exciting world of horses and stables. Discover what it’s really like to ride a horse.
  • The illustrations in this book are wonderful! We can see that Duchess the horse has a beautiful coat and soft nose. We get to see the colorful red barn, the riding instructor Miss Valerie, and we get to see how at the end of the day, horses can make you messy!
Cowgirl Lessons: A Picture Book Review
Cowgirl Lessons: A Picture Book Review
  • My favorite page is the illustration with Valerie, Duchess, and Cowgirl during the riding lesson! “Then, it’s into the saddle I climb, I turn Duchess to the barrels for my practice time. We trot around the arena, make a wide figure eight, Practicing my posting and perfecting our gait.”
  • You will love the main character with her can-do attitude. She has one curly cue of hair that just doesn’t want to rest on her head and is super cute! I highly recommend this book for pre-K, and don’t forget that Rae Rankin has 3 other books for you to discover!

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