About Our Mother/Daughter Team

Why I Started This Blog

My mom and I make an awesome mother/daughter team! At the beginning of 2020 things were all going great, remember those times? Then, the pandemic hit… I was asked to use my illustration skills to create activity sheets for take-home packets in my Mom’s 2K class. The more I created, the more smiles I saw from the little ones! It made me want to build a bigger and better resource for all of the pre-k teachers and stay-at-home parents who are going above and beyond during these challenging times.

My Mom, Charise Leemis, is my amazing partner in our mother/daughter team! As a teacher, she tells me the things that work in her class and the things that don’t. We work together to create art-based activities and we offer free activity sheets that will benefit early learners that are not preparation heavy.

In the past…

I graduated from Indiana University with a general studies degree, a minor in dance, and a minor in religious studies. I traveled to Cape Town, South Africa where I spent 3 months volunteering with ages 3-5 in the Vrygrond township. After falling in love the country and its people, I went back to complete my studies at the University of Cape Town.

While in Cape Town, I was scouted to be a professional model and soon traveled the world. I currently live in Brooklyn, NY and continue to model and illustrate. Volunteering my time to teach is something I love to do! I went to Hanoi, Vietnam in 2019 and worked with adults and children teaching English as a second language.

My Mom…

Charise Leemis has a bachelors of arts from Wheaton College. She has been teaching toddlers-4-year-olds in Memphis, Tennessee for the past 12 years! She is awesome! Not only does she give me great ideas for activity sheets and crafts, but she spends time donating books and supplies to vulnerable children in need.

Our mission is to bring viewers art-based ideas to engage with their little ones at home or in the classroom. We believe in raising readers, lifting our community up, and crafting our way through life!

Check out our books, “My Hollydog” and “My Hollydog Rides in the Car“.

Check out this awesome article featuring Charise Leemis and the work she is doing at St. Agnes Academy- St. Dominic’s School.

Amanda Leemis, artist and illustrator.
Charise and Amanda Leemis holding their Children's Book, "My Hollydog". Mother/daughter team!
Charise Leemis at St. Agnes. Academy- St. Dominic School on World Book Day.