Beautiful Beach Day Preschool Lesson Plan!

It’s time to get your beach ball and flip flops because it’s time for the Beautiful Beach Day Preschool Lesson Plan! Start off by downloading your FREE activity pack with 5 awesome activities. Do the “Beach Ball Pattern Match”, the “Beach Eye Spy”, and practice pre-writing skills with the “Get Your Feet to the Beach!” tracing sheet! Next, check out the preschool jellyfish craft! Make your own ocean creature with a paper plate, streamers, and googly eyes! Finally, check out “My Beach Adventure” and “The Moose’s Ocean Outing”.

Beach Day Preschool Lesson Plan
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Beach Day Activity Pack for Preschool

Preview the preschool beach activities, then download your 5 FREE activities below!

The “Beach Ball Pattern Match” is great for identifying different patterns! Have your little ones use a glue stick to match each cutout to its same pattern!

Beach Day Preschool Lesson Plan

Have your little ones use a crayon or marker with the “Colorful Umbrella Activity Sheet” to match each circle color and fill in each section.

This is my favorite of the beach themed activities! The “Beach Eye Spy Activity Sheet” is super fun! Circle all the seashells, or for building pincher strength, use stickers to place on each shell.

Beach Day Preschool Lesson Plan

“The Beach Theme Memory Match Game” is tons of fun! Cut out the squares and laminate! Place them all face down, and select two at a time to see if they match! Continue playing until all matches have been found!

The “Get Your Feet to the Beach” tracing sheet is great for building pre-writing skills. Use a marker or crayon to trace each line.

Beach Day Preschool Lesson Plan

Click the link below to download your FREE Beach Theme Activity Pack for Preschool!

Preschool Paper Plate Jellyfish Craft

Get ready for this awesome preschool paper plate jellyfish craft! It’s tons of fun! It’s great for an ocean theme preschool craft, or a beach theme preschool craft. You can pick any colors you like, and remember there are so many variations you can do when it comes to painting. For this craft, I tried out sponge painting. It worked great, and the clothes pins helped keep the messiness to a minimum. But, remember you can use watercolors, fork paint, crayons, markers, or decorate with stickers. Check it out!

Step 1: Paint your paper plate. For this craft, I tried out sponge painting. I bought a couple of cheap sponges from the grocery store, and then used scissors to cut them into squares. Then, I used clothes pins to dip them in and out of the paint. It kept things a bit less messy, and sponge painting is a great way to introduce new textures to the little ones.

Beach Day Preschool Lesson Plan

Step 2: When your plate is dry, draw a black line on the back of the plate. When it comes to gluing on the streamers, you will tell your little ones to glue only below the black line. Have your streamers pre-cut. You can make them as long or short as you like. I made mine about a foot long.

Beach Day Preschool Lesson Plan

Step 3: Glue on your streamers! Remember that I made this craft, so it looks pretty good. When your little ones glue on their streamers, it’s ok if they aren’t going straight down. Some might be going sideways, and that’s all good! We will fold the paper plate in half after the gluing and all of the streamers will look a little crazy, just like a jellyfish floating in the water!

Beach Day Preschool Lesson Plan
Beach Day Preschool Lesson Plan

Step 4: Add your googly eyes! Cut off any streamers that are too wild, and then step back and marvel at your amazing creation!

Preschool Jellyfish Craft
Preschool Jellyfish Craft

Preschool Beach Picture Books

Woohoo! You’re in luck because I have two awesome recommendations when it comes to preschool beach books! “My Beach Adventure” by Eric Van Tuyl is perfect for ages 2-3. There is one sentence per page, and tons of things to look at in the illustrations. A lot of vocabulary in this book goes along with my activity pack! Follow along with a little girl as she discovers the nature and creatures of the beach! At the end of the day, she realizes the only thing she needs to have fun is something she already brought with her!

"My Beach Adventure" Picture Book

“The Moose’s Ocean Outing” is great for ages 4-5. Come along with the Moose as he discovers what’s lurking in the ocean. He even meets a shark along the way! The Moose is one of my favorite characters. He makes new friends plus teaches a shark all about peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.

The Moose's Ocean Outing Picture Book

Did you enjoy this Beach Day Preschool Lesson Plan? Be sure to check out the Dinosaur Preschool Lesson Plan for more adventure!

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